It’s that time of year again, daylight savings.  Time to turn the clocks an hour ahead and get ready for a very hard Monday.  However, your clocks are not the only thing you need to change during daylights savings. Read our list below of other things you should check or change this weekend.


This weekend, make sure to check and change the batteries in all your electronic devices.  When turning your clocks ahead an hour, replace the old battery with a fresh new one to make sure that the time will always be right.  Also, replace the batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to protect your family from fires and deadly odorless gases.  Lastly, remember that once these batteries are changed, you want to check that they work. Check all devices to see if they are working at full capacity to provide your family with the best protection.

Medicine Cabinet

This weekend, sort through your medicine cabinet to make sure you have the essentials for the upcoming spring. Discard expired medication and create a list detailing which new ones need to be purchased.  Also, check to see if you have a first aid kit. If you do, make sure the kit is equipped with all the necessary supplies needed for an emergency.

Ceiling Fans

Reverse the direction on your ceiling fan so that it operates in a counter clockwise direction.  Fans operating in a clockwise direction bring warmer air down to the ground, decreasing the demand on your heater.  Fans operating in a counter clockwise direction do the opposite, bring colder air down, reducing the demand on your air conditioner.  It’s a good trick to keep in mind for the upcoming summer months.


This winter has been a cold one, demanding a lot from your furnace.  Not only could you feel the cold, but could hear it to, as your furnace gets to work heating your home. As the cold begins to subside, schedule an appointment to get your furnace checked out.  If any winter damage has occurred, you want to get that fixed as early as possible. Also, check-ups like these help to ensure top performance of your furnace.


Most people choose to change their filters during the official spring cleaning season but you can choose to change them earlier.  This weekend is a great time to change your filters, AC filters, humidifier filters, stove top exhaust fan and air purifier filters included.

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Allan Baum
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