March Break is in full swing.  School is out for a week and plans have been made to enjoy this week to the absolute fullest.  To get the most out of your March Break, here are some home safety tips to make sure you enjoy a great week without having to worry.

1. Arm your Alarm

If you’re planning to take a vacation or will be out of your home for a few days, make sure to arm your home alarm system before leaving.  The March Break is a time a year where burglars know that people will be out of their home, making them perfect targets for break-ins. Prevent them from coming in by arming your first line of defense.

2. Secure all Access Points

To prevent a residential break in from occurring, make sure to secure and lock down all access points to your home.  Your doors and windows are all access points for burglars into your home, including your basement doors and windows.  To make sure no one or nothing enters without your permission, make sure all doors and windows are in good shape and are strong enough to withstand the greatest of forces.  Seal are cracks and leaks and make sure all the locks are fastened tightly.

3. You’re home….but not really

If you’ll be out of town during the March Break, try to make it look like you’re home too.  Use timed lights inside to make it look like someone is home and use motion sensor lights outside to keep your property well lit.  Also, get a neighbour or family member to pick up your mail and keep a car parked on the driveway.

4. Keep plans to yourself

If you’ve made exciting plans for the break, you’ll probably feel like sharing them with family, friends and neighbours.  However, that may not be the safest thing to do.  Try to keep your plans for the break to yourself, only telling important family members.  Also, during your break, try not to reveal to much about it on social media.  Criminals are always on the prowl for unattended homes and revealing online that you’re away on vacation could put your home at risk.  As much as you want to share with people your trip, try to do it after you’ve returned.  Posting your vacation activities puts your home at a greater risk of being burglarized.

Have a great March Break!!

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Allan Baum
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