Cottage Safety

Spring is finally here and with the weather getting warmer that can only mean one thing; cottage season has finally begun.  It’s time to plan those weekend getaways to the cottage, to enjoy the weather and have a lot of fun this summer.  One thing to remember this summer is that your cottage is just like your home; a structure that needs proper care and maintenance over time.  So this summer, let us help you keep your cottage safe, sound and secure.

Update and Refresh

Before heading up to the cottage for a relaxing weekend, make sure to prepare it first.  Check to see if the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are all working and in shape. If not, replace them immediately.  Also, make sure that you have an emergency escape plan in place just in case an emergency does occur.  Lastly, make sure to check that all appliances are properly working.  If any fuel burning appliances, such as the gas stove, aren’t in working condition look to get that replaced immediately.

Inform Your Security Company

When returning to your cottage this summer, let your security company know that you are back visiting your cottage and will be doing so this summer.  This allows your security provider to be aware that the cottage owners will be residing in the home and not mistaking them for intruders.  Furthermore, it provides the homeowners with the peace of mind, knowing that their security system will be working through the summer to make sure they have an enjoyable summer.

Check For Damages

Damages can be in any form.  From a crack in the foundation or the window to any vandalism of the sort.  Whatever the damage may be, you want to catch it right away before it ruins your long weekend plans.  If any vandalism is found, try to find out where it came from.  Also, be sure to check your hydro meter and the power lines for any visible damage.  If any damage is present, call your hydro provider immediately.  However, if any damage isn’t present, you may want to call your hydro company, asking for an inspection just in case.  You never know of the damage caused by Mother Nature’s wrath.

Stock the Essentials

This cottage season, make sure you have these cottage essentials stocked and ready to use at any time:

  • First aid kit
  • Flashlights
  • Medicines
  • Emergency food
  • Batteries
  • Emergency kit
  • Fire extinguisher
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