A safe can offer you invaluable protection against the loss of a valuable item during a burglary event. But storing a safe in a hard-to-find location can exponentially increase your level of protection against theft in the coming years. Our specialists have years of experience working with safes, and in this latest post we’ll present our guide to the best places to store your safe.

Best Place To Put Your Safe

In a Kids’ Room

The vast majority of burglars are unlikely to enter a kid’s’ room during a break-in. They’re simply looking for valuables and, as such, they’ll avoid the child play areas altogether. That’s why you should consider storing your safe within your child’s room. Hide the safe behind a wall poster or a set of drawers in the child’s room to ensure extra protection.

Buried in the Soil of a Fake Plant

Placing a safe outside is an unusual move for those that have valuables to protect. But it can allow you to protect your valuables during burglary events. You can place a safe in the ground underneath a fake plant to ensure that burglars have no idea of the safe’s location. When taking this approach to safe security, it’s important to install an exterior security system to ensure the area is monitored throughout the day.

Within the Home Bedroom

If you’re installing a gun safe in the home, you’ll need to have quick access to the weapon during a security scenario and this might require you to install the safe in your bedroom area. Try to find areas of the room in which the safe can be discretely located. For example, you might install the safe in the floor underneath a desk. Or you might install the safe inside your wardrobe for direct, easy access.

Install Fireproof Safes in Garages

In the event of a fire in the home, a fireproof safe will keep your documents secure. To ensure further protection for documents such as birth certificates and passports, consider placing them in a fireproof safe within your garage. This will separate them from the potential source of the fire and allow them to be easily located once the issue has been resolved.

Choose the best and most secure place to store your safe so you can protect your valuables and deter home intruders over the coming years. To learn more on the location selection process, call our security experts today.

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