A safe can offer you invalu­able pro­tec­tion against the loss of a valu­able item dur­ing a bur­glary event. But stor­ing a safe in a hard-to-find loca­tion can expo­nen­tial­ly increase your lev­el of pro­tec­tion against theft in the com­ing years. Our spe­cial­ists have years of expe­ri­ence work­ing with safes, and in this lat­est post we’ll present our guide to the best places to store your safe.

Best Place To Put Your Safe

In a Kids’ Room

The vast major­i­ty of bur­glars are unlike­ly to enter a kid’s’ room dur­ing a break-in. They’re sim­ply look­ing for valu­ables and, as such, they’ll avoid the child play areas alto­geth­er. That’s why you should con­sid­er stor­ing your safe with­in your child’s room. Hide the safe behind a wall poster or a set of draw­ers in the child’s room to ensure extra pro­tec­tion.

Buried in the Soil of a Fake Plant

Plac­ing a safe out­side is an unusu­al move for those that have valu­ables to pro­tect. But it can allow you to pro­tect your valu­ables dur­ing bur­glary events. You can place a safe in the ground under­neath a fake plant to ensure that bur­glars have no idea of the safe’s loca­tion. When tak­ing this approach to safe secu­ri­ty, it’s impor­tant to install an exte­ri­or secu­ri­ty sys­tem to ensure the area is mon­i­tored through­out the day.

With­in the Home Bed­room

If you’re installing a gun safe in the home, you’ll need to have quick access to the weapon dur­ing a secu­ri­ty sce­nario and this might require you to install the safe in your bed­room area. Try to find areas of the room in which the safe can be dis­crete­ly locat­ed. For exam­ple, you might install the safe in the floor under­neath a desk. Or you might install the safe inside your wardrobe for direct, easy access.

Install Fire­proof Safes in Garages

In the event of a fire in the home, a fire­proof safe will keep your doc­u­ments secure. To ensure fur­ther pro­tec­tion for doc­u­ments such as birth cer­tifi­cates and pass­ports, con­sid­er plac­ing them in a fire­proof safe with­in your garage. This will sep­a­rate them from the poten­tial source of the fire and allow them to be eas­i­ly locat­ed once the issue has been resolved.

Choose the best and most secure place to store your safe so you can pro­tect your valu­ables and deter home intrud­ers over the com­ing years. To learn more on the loca­tion selec­tion process, call our secu­ri­ty experts today.

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