Modifying a home so that it’s suitable for a wheelchair user can be a challenging process. But by learning from the experts, you can get a head start on the planning process. In this latest post, we offer five tips for making your home wheelchair accessible.

  1. Consider the Entrance. The first step to consider is how to modify the entrance to the home for the wheelchair user. You should build a ramp or ensure a smooth path to each home entrance. When working with the ramp design team, make sure the ramp is wide enough to accommodate the person’s wheelchair and review the potential for adding handrails to any ramp space integrated around the home.
  2. Install a Stairway Lift. Stairway lifts are now making it easier for those in wheelchairs to quickly transport themselves up and down stairs in the home. The installation of a stairway lift can help wheelchair users retain their independence within the home environment and ensure that each area of the home is accessible to them. When integrating a stairway lift, ensure that the lift includes a swivel seat so that the wheelchair user maintains full ease of movement.
  3. Lower Door Knobs. One important consideration that is often overlooked when addressing home accessibility issues is door knobs. Doorknobs should be lowered so that wheelchair users can easily get in and out of rooms in the home. When possible, homeowners should also consider adding automatic door openers within the home that can be used to sense when a person is waiting and to open automatically.
  4. Replace Cord Phones. Cord phones are a nuisance for those in a wheelchair. They can quickly become tangled during use and it can often be hard to access the phone in time when it’s ringing. To make the home more accessible, try to add a number of cordless phones in rooms throughout the home. This will ensure the wheelchair user is able to maintain communication with friends and family while alone in the home.
  5. Lower Kitchen Countertops and Appliances. Wheelchair users often struggle to maintain their kitchen cleaning and cooking routines. To make the process easier, you can bring in a construction team to review the process of lowering kitchen countertops and making appliances more accessible. This will ensure all kitchen items are easily available throughout the day.

By working with trusted home modification specialists, you can transform your home for ideal use by wheelchair users. To discover more on the modification process, speak with our team today!

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