Our homes are our safe havens in which we keep our families, belongings, memories, and valuables. With this in mind, it is of the utmost importance to protect our homes from break-ins or burglaries. The winter months can put our homes at risk for these incidents due to the shorter, darker days of the season or holiday travel. To ensure the security of your home, pay attention to the following 8 winter home security tips to keep in mind this year:

  1. Have visible security measures– Install an alarm system and consider a security camera system such as CCTV.
  2. Lock up– It may sound simple enough but surprisingly, some people forget to lock up when they leave the house. Make sure to check that all of your windows and doors are locked every time that you leave your home.
  3. Speaking of locks, invest in a good one– Make sure that your doors are protected with a solid, deadbolt type lock. You want to make sure that you have a lock that is pick-resistant to a criminal and difficult to replicate.
  4. Give the illusion that you are home– Use timed lights that you can program to automatically turn on and off. This can give the illusion that someone is home if you are traveling or are just out for the night. Also, be sure that you keep your driveway and/or walkway clear. This makes it look like you are at home so even if you aren’t, hire someone to do this chore for you.
  5. Inspect your outdoor security measures– Check-up on your motion sensors or outdoor lighting to ensure proper functioning.
  6. Have brightly lit entranceways– Any access points that a criminal may have to your home should be well lit as this could aid in discouraging a break-in.
  7. Secure any outdoor belongings– Items that you may typically keep outside should be kept locked up or out of view. Some items may include your summer patio furniture, sports equipment, or lawn and gardening equipment.
  8. Inspect your windows– If your windows are older, they may track moisture and freeze in the winter which makes them not function or close properly. This can give a criminal an easy access point. Consider replacing older windows this winter. You might want to consider removable security window bars for your basement windows and even security window film for your patio doors and other vulnerable glassed areas.

Safety and security are important for any season but especially for the winter months. By following the above tips for winter home security, you can rest assured this season and protect your home and family.

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Allan Baum
Security Industry veteran with over 30+ years in the industry. Founded family owned and operated Protection Plus in 1994 with his wife and has overseen its growth since. In addition to working with his wife and son, Allan has assigned the role of Chief Canine Officer to his trusted dog Waub, who joins him at the office every day.