Many people think home security systems are just for those living in mansions! Those who aren’t fabulously wealthy deserve the exact same amount of security and peace of mind, however. A good alarm system is a strong step when it comes to protecting your family, your home, and your valuable possessions from intruders. Here are some tips for selecting a cost-effective alarm system:

  • Remote Services: Being able to receive alerts, view video, and control your security system from your smartphone has made alarm systems far easier to use and install, and more affordable due to wireless technology.
  • Stay Basic: For those who don’t want any frills, but still want a basic burglar alarm, there are many options which usually include sensors by doors and windows and wall-mounted keypads.
  • Choose a great provider: Make sure the alarm company or provider you choose promises a $0 installation, activation, and equipment fee. Watch out for any hidden costs!
  • Do your Research: There are lots of testimonials and reviews of alarm systems available online. Word of mouth is also a good way to find out which alarm system is right for you. There’s a lot out there, so make sure you’re going in well-informed.
  • Pay attention to promotions and benefits: Many providers offer perks and promotions depending on which package you purchase and how you pay. Additionally, installing a home alarm or security system can end up reducing your insurance rates by up to 20%!
  • Be Strategic: A properly placed camera with 360-degree coverage can take the place of multiple, poorly placed, pan-tilt-zoom cameras. Discuss with your security provider what the most effective and strategic camera placement is for your home.
  • Simple Solutions: In addition to installing alarms, there are other common-sense precautions you can take against break-ins, some of which cost nothing at all! Installing physical deterrents like window bars and gates, and reinforcing doors and door frames are long lasting security measures. Other precautions against break-ins include installing motion-sensor lights, keeping your home well-lit, especially if you’re going away for a period of time. Good quality locks are also a necessity!
  • Use it: Many people install alarm systems and then, after a while, stop setting the alarm. Make your alarm system worth it and make sure it’s armed all the time!

Alarm systems can seem expensive, but not installing them can have a much greater cost. If you are well-informed and strategic about your home security, it will be quite cost-effective.

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