When it comes to physical security, window film is a great product. Few products can offer so many benefits with virtually no compromise.  Your windows become far stronger and safer, and your enjoyment of them remains the same!   If you care for your security film, you can easily get 20+ years of service.  Many of our clients ask us for the best care techniques, so we thought we would share them here!

Security film is a polyester laminate product; care must be taken not to scratch or cut the film when you are cleaning or working around your windows.  

The polyester nature of the product also means it is NOT resistant to extreme heat. If you have a barbecue on your deck, make sure it’s not near a window with a film on it.

Avoid the use of bristle brushes or any abrasive cleaning materials. Instead, use a soft, clean cloth or a synthetic sponge for washing the windows and frames.

Never use the same sponge, bucket, or towel for wiping the window sills or frames or the outside of the window.  When you clean the inside of the window. Once the cloth has been used, it will pick up grit and abrasives and can potentially scratch the film.

Many of us have used newspaper or paper towels to clean windows. This is still okay for outside or non filmed windows. But because newsprint and paper towels use recycled materials when made, they can contain small abrasive metal shards, etc. These can scratch the film, so it’s best to avoid it. Stick with clean cloths or sponges.

The more good news about window film is that it requires less cleaning than standard glass, as it’s less porous.  It’s also easier to clean as the dust doesn’t penetrate. A simple solution of mild dish soap and water will suffice for most cleaning.

If you choose to use a commercial cleaning product, check the ingredient list to ensure no harsh chemicals are present. It’s best to avoid ammonia best cleansers, stick with citrus-based window cleaning products.

Many of us like to use windows as billboards, especially in commercial storefronts, etc. But once you install security film (on the inside), it is NOT recommended to use tape, adhesives, or suction cups on the film. It’s time to be more creative to hang things in your windows, but avoid attaching anything directly to the film as it can cause permanent marks or cause separation when you try to remove the tape/ suction cups.

If you follow these simple care and cleaning techniques, you will enjoy many years of clear views with this excellent security product.

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