A commercial security system can safeguard your business from threats such as break-ins, burglaries, vandalism and fire. But if you’re just starting to evaluate your options, you may wonder what your alarm system includes.

In truth, there is no “one size fits all” commercial security system. Each alarm system should be designed to fit your unique needs and desired level of security. So while there are numerous components that your security system can include, there are a few that we recommend considering for most businesses.

Here are some critical options and how they work to keep your commercial property safe.

Essential Parts of a Commercial Security System

1) Alarm System Control Panel / Keypad

The control panel is like the “brains” of your commercial security systems. It enables all the other components below to work together, communicate, and send alarm signals to you and the monitoring center. The control panel also makes your system easy to control from a single keypad (though most systems today allow you to manage your system from your personal smartphone as well).

2) Door and Window Contacts

Windows and doors are the weakest links in a security chain. Door and window contacts help change that by detecting when these entry points are opened or disrupted. When the connection is broken (i.e. when a door is opened while the system is armed), the contact sends the signal to the alarm panel instantly. The alarm sounds and the monitoring center is notified (if equipped).

Door and window contacts can be paired with window film and broken glass sensors to alert your system whenever there is an issue with your windows or doors.

3) Smoke and Fire Detectors

Smoke and fire detectors are crucial components of a commercial security system. Unlike a standalone smoke detector, these devices are integrated with your alarm system, so that you and your monitoring center are alerted at the first signs of a fire.

4) 24/7 Monitoring by a Monitoring Center

A monitoring center provides 24/7/365 security by automatically receiving alarm signals from your property. Monitoring center staff are specialized in delivering full-spectrum surveillance. When your alarm is activated, they respond swiftly to notify you and the proper authorities. So, for example, if your system detects an intruder, monitoring center staff will dispatch police, in addition to the audible sound of your alarm. Monitoring services are a critical tool that increases the overall protection of a business.

5) Motion sensors

Motion sensors detect motion in places where there shouldn’t be any. For example, the alarm will be triggered if your system is armed and motion is detected inside your property.

6) Cameras

Security cameras help you capture crime when it happens, such as vandalism, burglary and trespassing, and they also allow you to monitor employee behavior. Additionally, the mere presence of security cameras can act as a deterrent, preventing crimes from occurring in the first place.

7) Access Control

Access control is essential for any environment that requires door security and the ability to monitor who is coming and going. Access control from PROTECTION PLUS can be as simple as a keypad, digital reader or smartphone app, each of which provides electronic access to your authorized personnel while also storing data about each entry in case you need to review it.

8) Environmental Sensors

In addition to smoke & fire detectors, your commercial security system can also be equipped with additional sensors for detecting other environmental issues, such as gas leaks, carbon monoxide, temperature and water/flooding.

Learn more about your options

Because each building and business is unique, a customized security solution that addresses your commercial security system and every security need for your business is an excellent option. Find the best fit for your business by contacting PROTECTION PLUS for a no-obligation security system consultation today.

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