Video alarm verification can significantly increase the speed of police response to break-ins and other alarm events—up to 85% faster—and also increase the risk of an arrest by as much as 50%.

But how exactly does it work? Don’t all alarm systems have some verification process already?

Not exactly. And in fact, conventional security systems that use phone verification are notoriously unreliable and prone to false alarms. Worse yet, police in some jurisdictions will not automatically respond to alarm events if the incident cannot be verified appropriately: verified events always get prioritized first, so that police resources aren’t wasted on false alarms.

Video alarm verification provides live video evidence of a crime in progress so that police know to respond right away.

Here’s how it works when you use an ALARM-i video monitoring system.

Find out how Video Alarm verification work

1) Alarm is triggered.

When your alarm is triggered, your video cameras are already rolling. Within moments, this footage is sent to you and the monitoring station.

Any event that trips your security system will automatically begin this process. For example, this could be a break-in, a broken window, motion detection, etc.

2) The system notifies you.

As the system owner, you’ll automatically receive alerts on your mobile phone and computer that an event has occurred.

These aren’t your standard text notifications, either. You’ll receive both pre-alarm and real-time video clips of the event – as it unfolded and is happening right now.

ALARM-i also gives you the option to dispatch police or disregard the notice. In that sense, you become an additional source of verification because you can confirm from the footage that a crime is occurring.

3) Our monitoring station is alerted too.

What happens when the system notifies you of an event if you’re not by your phone?

Don’t worry – the ALARM-i monitoring station has your back. When your security system is triggered, our monitoring station receives the video alarm verification evidence simultaneously. So even if you miss the notification on your phone, our dispatch operators can view the same clips and real-time video of your location.

They will verify that an event is in progress and transmit it to the police. They will also contact you to ensure you’re aware of the situation.

4) Police are dispatched.

At your request, or after our operators view the footage, police are notified and dispatched so that they can respond to the premises right away.

Priority police dispatch is nearly twice as fast (85%* on average), giving you peace of mind that authorities will be swiftly on their way. This speed dramatically increases the chances of catching the suspect in the act, preventing them from getting away with anything valuable or causing costly damage.

Additionally, video footage can be used as crucial evidence for prosecution and insurance claims.

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