Here’s a compelling statistic: the police respond to verified alarms up to 85% faster. For this reason, video alarm systems like the ALARM-i Video Alarm Verification System are a sound investment for any business or home that would like to ensure that the authorities deal with threats quickly and efficiently.

Why is the response time so much faster? Simple: verifying that the alarm has been triggered for a valid reason prioritizes response from law enforcement.

First, what makes an alarm a “verified alarm?”

A verified alarm is simply one where the event that triggers the alarm can be verified via video and/or audio devices, surveillance by security personnel or other means. Video alarm systems, for instance, offer irrefutable on-camera evidence that a crime is actually taking place.

Verified alarms enable priority police dispatch

Importance of Video Alarm system to police

False alarms happen all the time, and law enforcement resources are stretched thin as it is.

For that reason, police in many areas, including jurisdictions across Southern Ontario, require that the alarm be verified before they will respond! Verified alarms prompt a rapid response, so break-ins, property damage and other security events will get immediate attention from law enforcement.

How does a verified alarm benefit my business or home?

Not only is police response quicker, but that rapid response increases the chances that the perpetrator will be apprehended. In fact, verified video alarm systems increase the arrest rate from 1% to over 50%. This may help in recovering stolen valuables, avoiding valuables being stolen in the first place or preventing costly property damage.

In addition, the evidence recorded on video alarm systems can be used to prosecute suspects or can be used in insurance claims.

How the ALARM-i video alarm systems work

The ALARM-i Video Alarm Verification System uses state-of-the-art visual security technology in order to safeguard your home and business. Here’s how it works:

1) The alarm is triggered by an event, such as a window being broken, an activated motion detector, etc.

2) Video footage of the event is already being captured BEFORE the alarm is triggered.

This means that the critical moments before a crime occurs are recorded as well as what happens after. The system stores 7 days of video evidence, which is available for playback or long-term storage.

3) The system notifies you AND the monitoring station.

You’ll receive alerts on your computer and mobile phone that the alarm has been triggered. This alert includes pre-alarm and real-time video footage, allowing you to see what caused the alarm as well as what’s happening right now.

Meanwhile, the monitoring station will receive the same video footage. You never have to worry that it’s all on you to follow up on an alarm. We step in even if you haven’t seen the alert yet.

4) Our dispatch operators verify the event and notify the police and you.

And because the event is captured on video, law enforcement is able to respond to the verified alarm at once, giving you the peace of mind that help is on the way.

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