Window film security is a simple yet powerful layer of protection that can safeguard you, your belongings and your business.

In addition to making your glass windows and doors much harder to break, security film can deter theft, increase energy efficiency and block the sun’s harmful UV rays, in addition to numerous other benefits.

Here are 6 reasons to consider installing it at your residence or business.

1) Prevent glass from breaking

Window film security is an ultra-strong film that you place on glass windows or doors. Available in various thicknesses and strengths, the film can make the glass significantly harder to break, crack or shatter.

By strengthening the glass, you lower the risk of breakage from intrusion, accidents, vandalism and weather. This protects you and your belongings while also preventing the high costs of having to repair your window or door.

2) Keep intruders out

Statistics show that nearly 70% of all burglaries involve forced entry through a window or door. Often, all it takes is breaking the glass to get inside.

Security window film keeps those intruders out by making the glass significantly harder to penetrate. The high-strength film can resist hammers, rocks, bricks, crowbars and other tools commonly used by criminals.

Additionally, if you combine the film with your alarm system’s glass break detectors, you double the protection of your home or business.

3) Lower energy bills

Window film does more than keep out intruders. It keeps out heat during the summer and cold air in the winter, helping to reduce your energy bills.

Heat-reflecting window film acts like a shield, providing up to 84% solar energy heat rejection, so your air conditioning doesn’t need to work as hard during the summer. In the winter, it helps to prevent the heat inside your home from escaping.

4) Reduce UV rays

Window film security can block up to 99% of ultraviolet light entering your windows and doors, providing sunscreen-like protection.

But that does more than just protect your skin. It protects your belongings and business assets, preventing sun damage to your interior floors, carpeting, furniture and more.

5) Keep prying eyes away

Security film can be tinted to give your home or business greater privacy.

For some businesses, this privacy is actually required by law. For example, security film for cannabis dispensaries in Ontario helps them to comply with the mandate that requires that “cannabis and accessories are not visible from the exterior of the premises.”

Tinted windows also help to deter burglars if they can’t see inside the business.

For homes, tinted security film prevents others from seeing inside your residence without at all affecting your ability to see out.

Tip: Don’t need tinted? No problem. Security window film is also available in clear and frosted options.

6) Prevent flying glass and broken shards

Broken windows and doors aren’t just costly. They’re dangerous.

Security film helps prevent broken shards from injuring that inside, especially in severe weather where glass could be blown around the residence or business.

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