Maintaining control over who enters your facility is a fundamental priority for any business, but the Covid-19 pandemic has added new urgency to the need for secure, touchless access control systems.

Businesses must ensure they restrict access to unauthorized persons and track who’s coming and going. Meanwhile, your employees need to be able to easily enter their authorized spaces, ideally in a contactless manner that prevents the spread of germs and viruses, especially amidst a global pandemic.

This post looks at how today’s access control systems can deliver dependable security and peace of mind.

How Access Control Systems Work

Electronic access control systems help businesses control and monitor who enters a space based on existing authorizations.

A traditional system works like this:

  • Electronic locks are installed in the business’s entry points or secure spaces throughout a facility
  • Only pre-authorized people with credentials can unlock the doors
  • Employees’ credentials are authorized via keypad PIN codes, key fobs/cards, fingerprint readers or other methods
  • The doors remain locked to all others who do not have these credentials
  • Access control systems can also keep records of all entry activity so that you can see who entered and when

Some access control systems can also be equipped with live video and audio communication, allowing your security staff to communicate with those at the door and remotely access as needed.

The move to touchless access control

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, newer touchless access control systems were becoming the norm because of their advanced technology and ease of use. But the threat of viral transmission has made these systems even more invaluable as businesses work to keep their employees safe and healthy.

Touchless access control systems eliminate the need to enter PINs into a keypad or swipe a card. Instead, authorized staff can use their own smartphones to gain access.

This touchless entry can be done in two ways:

  • 100% hands-free: The access control reader automatically receives the person’s credentials from the device as they reach the entry point. This means the phone never needs to leave your pocket or bag to unlock the door.
  • Mobile unlock: The phone can be placed near the reader to gain access and/or require an additional PIN to be entered in the mobile app.
  • When partnered with an automatic door opener, the access control system will unlock and open the door.

These systems can be installed throughout a building or even across multiple locations. So, for example, if the company has multiple offices, then authorized employees can use their mobile phones to access each one.

In addition to the simplicity of hands-free entry, the touchless design creates a contactless process that eliminates the risks of viral transmission from using a keypad-based reader.

Certified Openpath Partner

Openpath is a leading innovator of touchless access control systems that can be managed via the cloud. As a certified Openpath partner, PROTECTION PLUS helps businesses automate their security procedures and enforce compliance with Openpath’s best-in-class safety access control solutions and cutting-edge cloud-based software.

Learn more about protecting your business with smart access control systems, or contact us for free consultation.

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