Whether you live in a single-family residence or an apartment, your number one priority for your home is to protect it. That includes protecting your belongings, the residence itself and, most importantly, the people in it.

The best way to get that protection is to install an alarm system – but what kind? There is a huge range of products available, but a system that includes residential video alarm verification, like the ALARM-i system, sets itself apart as the safest and most effective.

What is a verified alarm?

A verified alarm is one that provides some kind of evidence to law enforcement that a crime is actually taking place. This could be via audio, video, a combination of the two, multiple zone activations or security personnel witnessing the event.

Why would you need such verification? Because false alarms happen all the time, and police resources are stretched too thin for them to respond to every single alarm.

In fact, many Southern Ontario jurisdictions prioritize alarm video verification for police priority respond. That means that a traditional, non-verified alarm could be triggered, but help might not come until it’s too late.

What are the benefits of residential video alarm verification?

Verified alarms mean priority response from law enforcement. According to PPVAR.org, verified alarms are vastly more effective than traditional alarm systems. Here are the eye-opening numbers:

  • 85% quicker police response
  • Over 50% arrest rate (vs. less than 1% for traditional alarm systems)

Not only will your home be safer with a residential video alarm verification system, but it may help you or law enforcement:

  • Recover stolen valuables
  • Prevent property damage
  • Identify and apprehend perpetrators
  • Provide evidence for insurance claims
  • Provide evidence for court proceedings

But above all this, your family will get the help it needs in the event of a dangerous intruder or other incident, even if you are unable to respond to the alarm yourself. That kind of peace of mind is invaluable.

How does ALARM-i work?

With our residential video alarm verification system, the cameras are ready to record. You have 24/7 real-time, remote access to the footage, which is also completely private and accessible only by you. In an alarm event, only video clips are ever sent to the monitoring station in order for the footage to be reviewed.

If the alarm is triggered:

  1. You receive a text or email, notifying you of the event.
  2. The monitoring station is also immediately notified of the alarm signal.
  3. You and the monitoring station receive video clips of what caused the event, meaning that you never have to wade through hours of recorded footage to find out what happened.
  4. If necessary, the monitoring station contacts the authorities.

Because verified alarms prompt a rapid response, you can rest assured that your home is protected to the full extent. In addition, the ALARM-i video system stores 7 days’ worth of video evidence and allows customers to remotely arm or disarm the system from their phone.

Find out more about ALARM-i

Interested in protecting your home with an ALARM-i residential video alarm verification system? For more information, call 1-844-416-7587 or contact us online.

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