An alarm system provides a fundamental layer of security for your home. But it’s not the only step you can take to prevent your home from being targeted by burglars.

Small actions, such as keeping an exterior light on, can go a long way to deter bad guys so that your home never becomes a target in the first place.

This post looks at several simple yet essential ways to keep your home secure, along with tips on choosing the right alarm system.

Tips for Keeping your Family Safer

1) Use a video alarm verification system

This is the foundation for all the other home security tips listed below. Without an alarm system, burglars could enter your home at any hour, and you may never know it until it’s too late. But what kind of system should you use?

The ALARM-i video alarm verification system uses cameras to verify what’s happening at your home when an alarm is triggered. This verification is critical because it provides instant evidence to our monitoring station dispatchers. When confirmed visually, the police can be dispatched with a priority response – up to 85% faster than a non-verified response.

2) Close and lock all doors and windows

You’d be surprised how often burglaries and home intrusions occur because doors and windows are left open. Close your home’s entry points and windows, especially at night or while away. Additionally, all exterior doors should have deadbolts to withstand forced entry.

3) Keep your home well lit

Burglars are looking for dark, vacant homes with the hope that nobody is inside. So by simply making your home look occupied, you can help to deter the bad guys. Consider keeping on at least 1-2 exterior lights, such as the front and rear doors, or use motion sensors to trigger the lights when movement is detected. Interior lighting can also be used at night to make people look inside and awake. If you’re going away, consider using timers or home-automation systems to turn on the lights while you’re gone.

4) Add security film to windows

Window security film can make the glass much harder to break. So if you’re away and an intruder tries to force their way through a window or glass patio door, you’ll have added protection to prevent them from getting in.

5) Increase the visibility of your home

Don’t hide your house with a dense forest of trees and shrubs. This is a win for burglars because it allows them to enter your property undetected by you and your neighbours. Trim landscaping and remove other obstructions to increase your home’s visibility and help you see your property from the inside.

6) Don’t leave a clear view of your valuables

While your yard should be visible, your interior should not. Close blinds and shades at night and when you’re away so that burglars can’t see your valuable items. Similarly, be careful what you reveal when you put out your trash each week. If you’ve purchased a new TV, break down the box so that your house doesn’t become an instant target.

Find out more about ALARM-i

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