1. Ramp Up your Door Safety!
      • Add a peephole
        Don’t just open your door to anymore; check them out first. A simple fix that costs $10 at a hardware store and well-placed drill hole will add to your home’s safety.
      • Don’t rely on chain locks
        Chain locks may be adequate to have as an extra level of security, but please don’t rely on them alone. With minimal force, an intruder can break them easily.
      • Lock the screen door
        It sounds simple enough and will add a few seconds for you to slam shut your inner door when threatened.
      • Rekey your locks
        Do you know who has your keys? Neighbours? Friends? Relatives? Tenants? Your son’s last three girlfriends? Exactly! Tie to rekey your locks or even change them to High Security, key-controlled locking systems. Low-cost or premium-priced, take care of your locks for added home security. Or you can always install a smart keyless lock. That way, no need to carry home keys around. Cleaners, dog walkers, visitors? Now you can assign and delete access key codes as needed.
    2. FAKE IT Until… they get annoyed and leave your house alone
      • Automated Lighting
        Burglars HATE a BUSY place. Give your home that lived-in look with automated lighting. Buy some smart light sockets, add a bulb and set up the timers. Random lighting patterns will light up your home and make it look like you are around. companies allow you to create custom schedules or actions like “turn on lights if motion is detected” or “turn off lights when I’m not at home.”
      • Noise, Noise, NOISE Intruders a looking for the most comfortable situation. Noise means people. People mean problems. Are you leaving the house? Leave your radio on and have your T.V on a timer.
      • Make fake “treasure”
        Burglars want a quick entry, grab the good stuff and a faster exit. Make it easy for them. Leave a decoy shoe open shoe box near your inside entrance and in your dresser. Fill them with useless keys, petty cash, and costume jewellery. A burglar in a hurry will think they hit the jackpot and take off with the box.
      • Woof, Woof
        Whether you have a dog or not, leave any empty dog bowl outside your back door. A few dog toys would also help—nothing like Rover to keep the burglars away.
    3. Light up your Life
      • Illuminate your street number and your outside
        Next time you are out at night, take a walk around your street; you’d be surprised how many houses do not have their street address numbers visible. If you cannot make it out, neither can the authorities when needed. Keep your porch light on to make the numbers easier to see. Finally, add motion-sensitive lighting to your driveway and your backyard. Some even come with cloud video recording capabilities. It will help you feel safe at night and scare away any intruders.
      • Shut your blinds at night
        Dark outside? At night your light-up home is visible to all from outside. Close your blinds and keep intruding eyes outside.
    4. BONUS Tips
      • Take Inventory of your Home Valuables
        Take a video of all your valuables and provide detailed descriptions as you record. Include serial numbers or any specific information. Please keep a copy on your computer and back it up to the cloud. For extra protection, download a stick and place it in your safety deposit box—an excellent tip for insurance purposes.
      • Have a Home Evacuation Plan
        Does your family know what to do in case of fire? Create and practice a home evacuation plan and practice it quarterly with your family. Do a dry run every few months. Your kids should know how to get out of your home and where to assemble outside. This is a lifesaver.
      • Have a Fire Ladder
        If you have a multi-story home, a fire ladder is a must. Fires spread rapidly, and many times access points are blocked off. A collapsible, compact fire ladder can make all the difference in providing a safe outcome.


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Allan Baum
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