Break-ins and thefts: they’re the whole reason you purchase an alarm system for your business in the first place. No business owner wants this to happen, of course, but you want to be prepared to deal with it in the event that a break-in does occur.

Since not all security systems work the same, you want to be sure you get the protection (and response) your business deserves.

In this post, we look at how ALARM-i works in the event of a break-in at your business.

Your Alarm is Triggered

An ALARM-i business security system can detect break-ins in a number of ways:

  • Motion detectors
  • Door & window contacts
  • Motion-sensitive cameras

In this example, let’s imagine the intruder has broken through a rear receiving door in the middle of the night. The door contact would detect this break-in and trigger the alarm.

Cameras are Rolling

A key advantage of ALARM-i is that cameras are already capturing video prior to the alarm event taking place. This will enable you and the monitoring station to get a full view of the break-in (as we explain further below). As soon as your security system is triggered, video clips from the event are sent offsite to the cloud, so they can be accessed from anywhere.

You’re Notified Automatically

Within moments after your alarm is triggered, you will receive a text or email letting you know that there has been a security event at your business. You’ll be able to instantly view video from the event, including pre-alarm clips and real-time video of your business. These clips are available on both your mobile phone and your computer. From there, you can determine whether or not you need the monitoring station to dispatch the authorities to your business. If you determine that it’s necessary, our dispatchers will respond immediately.

The ALARM-i Monitoring Station Has Your Back

In addition to notifying you, ALARM-i will simultaneously alert our monitoring station. An operator will be able to view the same video clips of the alarm event that took place at your business. They will be able to view all of the relevant clips from any of the cameras you may have on site, and they will act upon the information they receive. After confirming that the alarm event was due to a break-in, your business is contacted, and they will also request a Priority Police Dispatch.

Privacy Protection

As a reminder, your business’s alarm system comes with a Privacy Guarantee, which states that our monitoring station will only receive the video clips when an alarm is activated. In fact, they have no way of viewing your business’s video feed until they are notified of an alarm-triggering event.

Why It Matters for You

There are a few important advantages to the ALARM-i video alarm verification process:

  • Quicker Response from Authorities: Together, video verification and Priority Police Dispatch ensure that authorities are responding fast and effectively. On average, Priority Police Dispatch is 85% faster and results in a 50% arrest rate, according to Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response.
  • Legitimate Cause for Concern: Nothing feels worse than panicking over a false alarm, or paying false alarm fines on top of the panic that’s been unnecessarily provoked. ALARM-i reduces the risk of false alarms by allowing you and the monitoring center to verify the event visually.
  • Theft Reduction: As you might suspect, there’s a small window between a break-in and a successful theft. Having a responsive alarm system closes this gap and reduces the chance of a criminal getting away with your business’s property.
  • Insurance: Instead of chasing endless amounts of paperwork or debating with your insurance provider about what occurred at your business, the video clips you receive provide indisputable proof of the break-in and any damage it might’ve caused.
  • Legal Support: Often, our alarm system’s video clips can help identify perpetrators, aid in the apprehension of those individuals and can even be used as evidence when prosecuting them.
  • Recovery of Stolen Items: When perpetrators are identified quickly, there’s a greater chance that your business can recover whatever goods or other valuables might’ve been taken during the break-in.

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