What’s Included in an ALARM-i Business Security Package?

One of the greatest advantages of an ALARM-i business security system is that alarm events are automatically captured on video. This video allows you and the ALARM-i monitoring station to instantly verify that a disturbance is taking place, thus reducing the risk of false alarms.

More importantly, video alarm verification enables Priority Police Dispatch, for up to 85% faster response on average, and arrest rates of more than 50%, compared to 0.08% for traditional alarms.

But how does the system work exactly? Let’s break down the components of an ALARM-i system to illustrate how alarms are triggered.

A Complete Business Security Package

For the purposes of this post, we’ll be looking at our Best ALARM-i package, which is an expandable system designed to give you complete, ongoing protection for your business – indoors and outdoors. But we also offer other packages, with varying components and capabilities, to fit your specific needs and budget.

Here’s what’s inside:

ALARM-i Pro Control Panel

Every ALARM-i system comes with a control panel for easy and intuitive control of your business security system and communication with our monitoring station. All control panels feature Advanced Protection Logic, which provides an additional layer of protection in scenarios where an intruder attempts to destroy the alarm system upon entering. Our Best package includes an advanced touchscreen control panel for even greater ease of use and more features.

4 Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

This package includes 4 weather-resistant eyeball cameras, which can be installed inside or outside your business (or both). The cameras are equipped with night vision, so you can see what’s happening at any time of day. Unlike our other packages, this system will record and transmit actual ongoing video of your premises, which is accessible to you 24 hours a day. The monitoring station will also receive live video when an alarm event occurs.

3 Door Contacts

Three door contacts allow you to monitor multiple doors at your premises. If the system is armed and detects that a door has opened, the alarm will be triggered. You and the monitoring station will be alerted and can view live video of your business, with the option to alert authorities immediately.

1 Motion Detector

Install the motion detector in any space where you need to monitor physical movement. For example, in a retail shop, you can configure your business security system to detect motion when the store is closed. If motion is detected, the alarm will be triggered, and you’ll be notified along with the monitoring station.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

More advanced than older-style DVR systems, a Network Video Recorder is included with our Best package, recording and storing video footage directly from the network. This allows for faster, higher-quality and more dependable streaming of live and recorded video from your devices.


Remember that our Best ALARM-i package is expandable, allowing you to add more cameras and sensors as needed to fit your requirements.

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