Being a parent means constant vigilance. For 18 years at the very least, parents are charged with looking after and ensuring the health and well-being of inexperienced and vulnerable human beings who often, without knowing, seem to go out of their way to place themselves in harm’s way. Fortunately, the advent of sophisticated home security systems has meant that parents, who can’t always be present, are able to monitor their children’s activities as well as what is going on in and around their homes. Below are 5 ways your security system can keep your kids safe.

Door and window surveillance. Door and window sensors are great because these not only notifies parents when someone is trying to sneak into their house but lets them know when someone is trying to sneak out. Door and window sensors are capable of alerting parents with more than just sound. Many of them can be programmed to send you a text in the event of entries or exits.

Security Cameras. Cameras can provide both parents and children with peace of mind when they are home by themselves. Being able to monitor what is happening around your home, especially points of entry like back and garage doors and the added awareness it gives children who are home alone makes any parents feel more comfortable with going out for an evening or coming home late from work.

Motion sensor lighting. Motion sensors can be used much in the same vein as door and window surveillance. Lights placed at vulnerable points of entry around your home can alert you to the presence of potential intruders as well as potential escapees.

Hi Security locking mechanisms. Hi Security locks allow parents to make sure that doors are locked properly when they are not home. It is not unheard of that many people share keys with friends and neighbours. Many change over time. Hi Security locks have protected pathways and restricted key cutting. Ask your lock professional for more information.

Personal identification method. Most home security systems allow you to create personalized identification PINs for each family member that they can enter into the security system when they arrive home letting you know who is there and who is still unaccounted for.

With smart home security systems, you can keep an eye on your family no matter where you are. Knowing that your children are being protected and their actions monitored helps you protect not only them but your house as well, knowing that they have done things like lock doors and turn off appliances. If you are considering installing a home security system for some added peace of mind when you can’t be physically present, the above 5 reasons might be all the convincing you need.

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