Is your business as secure as you think it is? Without a thorough business security audit, you may not realize that your business is at risk. Regardless of the type of business—whether a retail establishment, restaurant, office, warehouse or any other commercial space—a business security audit can help you identify critical security vulnerabilities that you may not be aware of.

At PROTECTION PLUS, we conduct in-depth security audits on numerous types of businesses year-round. Here are some of the most common vulnerabilities we uncover.

1) Interior blind spots

This one is especially important for retail businesses or any building that maintains inventory. If you don’t have visibility over all the items in your business, then you are leaving them at risk of theft. Plus, it’s not just the external thieves you need to worry about – it’s your employees too.

This vulnerability results from having too few security cameras at the business (or a complete lack thereof). With properly placed cameras, you can eliminate blind spots, prevent theft/loss and catch crimes in the act.

2) Exterior visibility

Do you know what’s happening during deliveries to/from your business? What about activity after business hours?

If you don’t have cameras watching your entry points, then you’re creating additional blind spots where crimes can easily go undetected. Installing business-grade security cameras to monitor your entrances and exterior activity (such as deliveries and truck loading) is essential for security.

3) Unsecure doors and windows

As we mentioned above, security cameras are an important layer of security. However, if criminals can still easily break inside your business, grab valuable items and run, then those cameras won’t stop them.

Stronger door and window security can thwart those burglaries by making it much harder to break in. Commercial-grade locks, window film and security bars are just a few solutions to make your entry points virtually impenetrable. 

Access control systems are also essential for monitoring who is entering your business and when for offices, warehouses and other secure facilities.

4) Inadequate or nonexistent alarm system

Outdated alarm systems (or a complete lack of systems) put your business at risk. Today’s commercial alarm systems provide much stronger layers of security and are also far more convenient to control and manage, no matter where you are.

In addition to detecting break-ins and motion in secure areas, today’s systems can also alert you to temperature changes, flooding water, smoke, fire, gas and other hazards that threaten your business and employees. Plus, you can monitor everything from your smartphone and receive real-time alerts when activity is detected.

Request a free, no-obligation business security audit

The examples above are only a short list of the many vulnerabilities that can be uncovered with a thorough business security audit. Since every business is unique, it’s critical that your building is individually inspected to identify your specific risks.

Contact PROTECTION PLUS today to request a free security audit of your business conducted by one of our experienced security experts.

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