Has the recent COVID-19 crisis caused you to rethink how you control access to your workplace? If you could revolutionize how you, your employees, guests, and customers enter your building, what features would that access control system contain? Well, keep reading to learn what we can do today to take your workspace to the next level. Let us introduce you to Openpath.

1. Would you like the ability for Hands-Free Unlock of doors, not only for convenience but for hygiene? With Openpath, you have several options for hands-free unlocking. Not only can you use a Fob or Card, but now by just having your mobile phone in your pocket or briefcase, you can unlock the door by touching the reader with your elbow or waving your smartwatch across the reader. Ask us about all the options.

2. Would you like the ability to suddenly Lockdown one or more doors in the event of an emergency? Would you like to have this capability from the convenience of your office or home? We can now make a LOCKDOWN PLAN a reality with our Openpath Access Control System.

3. Are you tired of meeting contractors or employees on-site on weekends, early mornings, or evenings to unlock the door for them? With Openpath, you can open a door using your smartphone via Remote Unlock or text Guest Pass from the convenience of your home or anywhere.

4. Do you have multiple locations and want to manage them all from one login? With our Openpath cloud-based system, you will never have to worry about combining networks or paying your I.T. people for a VPN. You can access and manage from a login from anywhere, even from the convenience of your smartphone.

5. First Person In / Last to Leave – Admintators can configure entry schedules so that entry doors remain locked and secure until the first person arrives and performs an authorized unlock during the scheduled period. This is helpful should the office be empty during regular office hours for any reason. Similarly, authorized users on their Openpath App can use the last-to-leave feature to restore the entry to its secure setting if the office is empty during a scheduled period.

6. Are you tired of tracking keys, paying for locksmiths to rekey doors when keys are lost, or employees leaving and don’t return keys? Perhaps it’s time to consider using an electronic solution to convert to keyless entry, with full reporting, scheduling, remote access and more.

7. Do you already have a legacy access control system and don’t want the cost of replacing everything? Openpath uses standard cabling, standard strikes, and maglocks and is compatible with many 3rd party cards/fobs. Consequently, with Openpath, your cost to upgrade will be reasonable, and the benefits will be many.

8. Have you resisted going to electronic access control because you aren’t tech-savvy or don’t want the headache of doing all the administration and software updates? Today we can take away all your system’s complicated, expensive, and time-consuming management. Let us provide you with customer service and tech support from 7 am to 11 pm. With our Openpath Access Control System, which utilizes “the cloud”, you will never again have to worry about updating software.

9. Would you like to avoid continually increasing I.T. invoices to manage your access control systems and other technology in your workplace? With Openpath, you won’t need to place a billable call to your I.T. people with support from Openpath from 7 am to 11 pm, and no software to update.

10. Do you want to be able to integrate other security technologies with your access control system? Openpath integrates with many of the solutions you already use, and you can add more. A great way to enhance your security at entry points is to integrate cameras with the access system, with video confirmation of who accessed the building, preventing things like tailgating or sharing of fobs or phones.

Recently, we have seen how companies have had to adapt and change with the pandemic we are experiencing. Technology can significantly help businesses become more efficient, quicker to respond to emergencies, and more secure. In summary, the above 10 points scratch the surface of what the next generation of access control has to offer any business in Canada.

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Allan Baum
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