Residential & Commercial Security Systems Toronto FAQ

  • How many doors can be serviced by an access control system?

    Small business is the heartbeat of the Ontario economy, and the vast majority of access control systems control 3 doors or less, but expansion capacity can exceed 100 doors.

  • Where can access control be used?

    most common applications for access control include:

    • Commercial offices
    • Retail
    • Multi-tenant housing
    • Education
    • Religious institutions
    • Healthcare
    • Government
    • Hi-Risk; ULC, Banking, Jewellery, applications
    • Warehousing and Shelf Storage
  • What type of access control is best in the era of Covid-19?

    Access Control systems can unlock doors in a number of ways.

    • Keyfob
    • Phone app
    • Smartphone that works as a fob
    • By pushing the reader
    • And with a wave

    Not all systems can use all methods. Best to do your research before installation. The wave feature minimizes contact however, to take full advantage, this feature should be incorporated with a strike release so the door not only unlocks, but opens automatically as well.

  • Can I view my video surveillance system on-line?

    Yes, either with "Resideo Total Connect" service or with a PROTECTION PLUS standalone Camera system you have access to smartphone Apps and computer software to view your cameras remotely.

  • What types of physical security do you offer?

    Alarm systems are about "detection" but how do we keep the intruder from entering in the first place? At PROTECTION PLUS we offer solutions for detection and protection. Upgrade your locks with key control and high-security lock solutions. Use an access control system to limit and track who enters and at what time, and add window film or window bars to prevent ‘smash and grab’. These are just some of the services we provide.