Residential & Commercial Security Systems Toronto FAQ

  • What happens if I move?

    An alarm system adds value to your home! In most cases, you can have your contract assumed by the new owner and/or transfer your contract to your new premise. Some conditions apply.

  • What happens if I already have an alarm system? Is it easy to switch to PROTECTION PLUS?

    Yes. In most cases, alarm equipment can be reprogrammed by our trained technicians to communicate with our Emergency Response Center. Ask one of our Security Experts for details.

  • How do I know if I am currently under a monitoring contract?

    For liability purposes, you are always under contract until the service is terminated. What you need to know is how much notice is required to cancel your existing monitoring agreement. If you have been with the company for longer than your initial contract term, a minimum of 30-90 days written notice is required to cancel service. For your specific notification period, read the terms and conditions on the back of your contract or contact your existing monitoring provider.

  • How do I know if I own my security system?

    The original contract you signed when the alarm was installed will tell you if it is a rental, lease or sale agreement. With PROTECTION PLUS, alarm system ownership is always part of the contract.

  • Is there a contract with PROTECTION PLUS ?

    Yes, the initial commitment is for only 3 years.

  • Do I have a warranty with PROTECTION PLUS?

    Yes! PROTECTION PLUS provides a limited warranty on new installations. Trip charges may apply.

  • Do you have locksmiths and alarm technicians on staff?

    Yes, we have trained locksmiths on staff. They are bonded and have received training through The Association of Ontario Locksmiths. Our on-staff trained alarm technicians are bonded and trained based on CANASA procedures. CANASA is the Canadian Alarm and Security Association.

  • What is Resideo Total Connect®?

    "Resideo Total Connect" is Resideo's answer to integrating your security, life safety, and home automation needs with smartphones and the internet. By subscribing to Resideo Total Connect you can access a multitude of services including virtual alarm keypad for remote arming and disarming, notifications to your smartphone of alarm events, video look-in allowing you to livestream cameras or have clips emailed to you, control HVAC systems as well as lighting and door locks. Ask a PROTECTION PLUS Security Expert for more information and rate plans. Equipment charges may apply.

  • What is cellular GSM monitoring? VOIP, WI-Fi, Etc?

    If you are one of the 30% of Canadians without conventional landline telephone service in your home or you are using internet based phones (VOIP) you will need to know about cellular GSM monitoring. GSM is an acronym for "Global Systems Mobile" which is the most standard North American format for cellular communications. Our Honeywell alarm systems are compatible with both conventional and cellular monitoring. When land-lines are absent, we install a cellular GSM unit and establish a mobile data account for your home alarm system. Your alarm system now has its very own secure communications path to the Emergency Response Center. It is no longer reliant on your home phone line, and no longer vulnerable to "line cut". You may ask: "Can I use my internet connection?" Protection Plus offers an alarm panel that can use your internet connection to communicate to the monitoring station. It does NOT, however, eliminate the "line- cut" vulnerability and is only as reliable as your internet service. The most secure method of monitoring is to combine internet and GSM for dual path monitoring. Ask us about rate plans and equipment costs.

  • What is access control?

    Access control is an entry system that enables an institution or business to control access to the protected facility. Access can be limited, controlled and recorded at specific times to certain areas of a building.