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Shining the Light on Crime

I read a statistic today from the Insurance Bureau of Canada indicating there is a residential break-in every 90 seconds in Canada.  I find that a rather sobering statistic.  The question we need to ask is how to prevent becoming 1 of those statistics.

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New Year Resolution

Every year as we approach New Year it’s common to look back and review patterns and behaviours of the past year. Technology has become common place in our homes and businesses.

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Social Media and Home Security

We now live in a ‘connected world’ and many of us are using our home computers, laptops, smart phones to stay connected 24/7. It is certainly interesting and often fun to read about our friend’s adventures through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

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Redefining the term ” Home Security “

As a homeowner I have come to learn that the term " Home Security " is actually about much more than protection from a burglary. A recent letter from my home insurance company reminded me of the importance of home monitoring.

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