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Web Surfing Tips for the Family

Web Surfing is becoming your kids' #1 daily activity.  Is your Home Computer Kid Safe? Parenting has never been an easy task. Now add in Facebook, Twitter,  Youtube and so many other social media venues, and the difficulties and security risks increase exponentially.

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Smoke Detectors and Fire Safety

It seems like every day heart wrenching natural disasters dominate the headlines and nightly newscasts. The reality however, paints a different picture.  Many fatalities and tragedies are man-made, and many are preventable.

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Social Network Safety

It seems every day we are hearing that success is all about our “social network” and that social networking, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin etc., is where the action is.  Of course with anything we do online there are risks and dangers.

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Keeping Children Safe

Keeping children safe is an honourable and daunting task. Here is some great advice from Toronto Police that you should pass on to your children. 1. To never accept anything from anyone unless they have permission from a parent or the person looking after them. 2.

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Prevent False Alarms

What is a false Alarm?   Anytime a monitoring station receives an alarm signal that is caused by user error, accident, or a malfunction, it is considered a false alarm. If it cannot be verified by the operator it can result in a “Dispatch” of the authorities.

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