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Safety For Seniors

For any homeowner, a crime such as a break-and-enter robbery or assault is challenging. These crimes can be especially difficult for Senior Citizens living on fixed incomes. Let's learn about Safety for Seniors. How do we best protect some of our most vulnerable citizens?

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Protect Your Self from Real Estate Fraud

Real Estate fraud is not as common as other types of fraud such as credit card fraud. But the consequences of it are very real and can result in a significant loss and expense.  In the worst case scenario it could mean losing your home! What is Real Estate Fraud?

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Barbeque Safety Tips

Great weather often creates an urge to spark up the barbeque! Before you do that, it is a good time to review safe practices! If you are buying a new barbeque choose carefully and insure it has a CSA, ITS or ULC label.

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Flood Protection!

People often associate spring, with the highest risk of floods.  And realistically it is a time of high vulnerability.  But the trend over the past 2 decades, of increasingly severe weather systems during all 4 seasons, has made the risk of Flood a continuous potential problem.

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Web Surfing Tips for the Family

Web Surfing is becoming your kids' #1 daily activity.  Is your Home Computer Kid Safe? Parenting has never been an easy task. Now add in Facebook, Twitter,  Youtube and so many other social media venues, and the difficulties and security risks increase exponentially.

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