There has always been a need for security, but the means to achieve safety and protection have changed over the ages. From the days of attaching bells and cans in entry points to alert people when someone came through, security measures have come a long way. Today, there are sophisticated tools and high-tech options to help guard your loved ones.

Security is a growing industry with numerous innovations in home security, including the following;

1. Smart door locks

These are arguably one of the top smart home controls. Smart door locks can automatically detect the owner’s presence via the Bluetooth connection on your mobile device (smartphone or Bluetooth key fob) and unlock your house door for you without having to fumble with your keys.

The lock also allows you to send electronic keys to specific people during specific times. Some locks can even connect to your bigger home automation system, communicating to your thermostat when you’re not home so it can activate its energy-saving mode. Smart door locks come in two main types: Bluetooth-only locks, which are more secure, and Wi-Fi locks that connect VIA your home Internet.

2. Biometrics

There is some technology that seems to be only available in movies, like accessing a secure area using nothing but a scan of the retina; however, this particular technology exists today as biometrics. Besides your eyes, the technology can recognize your voice or scan your fingerprints.

It is a rather expensive technology limited to the opulent, but digital locks provide a more practical and affordable option.

3. Medical alert systems

The elderly and those who are ill people should never be alone, but sometimes, medical emergencies occur when there is no one around to offer assistance. With personal help buttons, you can contact emergency services by simply clicking on a button.

These systems can be in the form of a pendant or wristband, and some may be equipped with an intercom that allows for two-way communication with medical professionals no matter where you are. There are even some gadgets that can detect when you fall down. A recent development in technology always for some systems to be monitored anywhere, not only in the home. With cellular and GPS services built in, monitoring and tracking is available throughout North America.

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Allan Baum
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