Finding a suitable security system for your business is one of the most important things you will do for your company, yet it is often overlooked until most other considerations of opening a new location are satisfactory. It’s irrational for a business owner to invest a lot of time and money in a business that is not secure.

Smart business owners understand the need for commercial alarm systems for keeping their facilities and operations safe from intruders and thieves, but sometimes even the smartest ones can make mistakes when purchasing an alarm system.

Common mistakes include:

1. Assuming that all alarm systems are the same

Traditional alarm systems, such as motion detection, tend to respond to all forms of movement in a specific area. So a bird, car, balloon, or even a fluctuation of temperature can set off the alarm. Such false alarms can cost you extra in terms of false alarm fees or can impact your credibility with law enforcement. Worse still, criminals know the limitations of such systems and know how to bypass them.

2. Buying more/less than you need

Salespeople typically try to sell you the most expensive package, which is usually the one containing all types of new technologies. The problem is that businesses do not really need all those modern features that come with the latest alarm systems. Conversely, buying a cheap system may not provide sufficient security for your business.

3. Failure to research the options

As mentioned in the first point, not all systems are the same. Buying an alarm system that you found in another organization may not necessarily be the best move for your business. Security needs are different, and you need to consider the features of all options within your price range, so you choose what fits your company the best. Consider things like motion detectors, infrared video, automatic police alerts, alarms, and other factors as the reputation of the company selling them.

4. Failing to secure all possible entrances

Many offices have multiple entry and exit points for safety purposes. While some entrances may remain permanently closed until the need arises, it is still be important to keep an eye on all entrances and exits using a suitable alarm system.

5. Forgetting to activate the alarm system

Even the best and most advanced alarm system will not protect your business if you forget to turn it on! For some, setting the alarm may seem like a hassle, but making it part of your routine will make it fast and easy without any extra thought.

Choosing the right system will not only help to protect your business data, facilities, and inventory but also give you value for money.

6. Not exploring all avenues of protection

Alarm Systems work, no question about it. The simple fact that insurance companies offer discounts for policies with monitoring alarms proves the point. But what about other methods of security;

Business owners should look at their unique needs and find a company that can expertly help them.

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Allan Baum
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