Being burglarized is never expected, but having your storage unit broken into often comes as an even bigger shock. Most people think of their storage locker as a secure, safe place to put the things they no longer have space in the home. They often don’t spend much time considering how protected the facility is noir storage unit protection.

Unfortunately, self-storage theft is on the rise in North America, perhaps partially thanks to the popularity of television show about finding valuables in abandoned lockers.

The best way to ensure the security of your possessions is to choose your storage facility with great care. Be extremely thorough when inspecting a facility and review all security features before booking.

Do not hesitate to call the manager for clarification if necessary, and always visit the facility in person before making any payments.

Here are some things to look for in a good storage facility:

  • Indoor and outdoor areas should be well lit at all times
  • Video surveillance systems should be employed and visible to help deter potential thefts
  • Access controls systems which require individual codes, remotes, or security codes upon entry
  • Individual door alarms to alert the operator if an unauthorized user enters a unit

Even once you have chosen a good facility, there are a few ways to increase the level of security within your own unit.

First, be sure to choose a high-quality lock. There is no point in spending extra on security features if you are going to use a lock that can be easily snipped off with a pair of bolt cutters. Instead, choose a disc lock or cylinder lock with a short shackle. The longer the shackles, the easier it is to get tools into the space and cut it off. Aim for one that just fits the latch.

The most common type of storage locker theft that occurs is a “crash and grab” theft in which the thief will break into several units and quickly grab whatever they think looks valuable that they can carry away.

Luckily, this type of thief is fairly easy to foil by simply placing all valuables towards the back of the unit. If they have to come into your unit and look around for a long time to find anything worthwhile, they are less likely to take anything.

For more information on how to secure your storage unit and other properties, contact the experts at PROTECTION PLUS ® today!

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