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Workplace Safety

"Accidents at the workplace.  Several are injured.  The health and safety board will be investigating the cause." We hear these words on a year round basis yet accidents and injuries at the workplace continue to occur.

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The Benefits of Home Automation

By definition, automation is using a variety of controlling systems to operate various machines, big and small.  Narrowing the definition down, home automation is an extension of building automation.

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Protect Your Home Your Way

Protect your home your way. You can secure yourselves with more than high tech alarm system or sophisticated security cameras to.  Take protection into your own hands by taking on a simple DIY project.  There are smaller simpler things a homeowner can do to protect their home or business.

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The Power of Alarms and Security Cameras

They may be small, they may be discrete but they are powerful objects.  Alarms and security cameras not only protect our home and loved ones at any time of the day, but now allow us full video access and control of our house, giving homeowners the ultimate control.

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Back To School Safety: Part 2

Its official.  The kids have returned to school.  As they settle into their new classrooms and timetables they will begin to make new friends and get ready to learn and discover many new things.

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