The home security industry is in the middle of a significant evolution. New technology is changing the face of the industry. And now thousands of buyers are entering the marketplace seeking out the perfect system for their home security needs. In this post, our trusted security specialists highlight four questions to help you decide which home security system is right for your family.

Right Security System

  1. Does it Require a Long-Term Contract?One of the foremost considerations when buying a home security system is the on-going expense of system maintenance. Most homeowners don’t have additional income each month to spend on their security system. If you’re like the vast majority of Canadians, it’s important to ask whether the system requires a long-term contract and commitment. Try to find a low-cost option that assures return on investment.
  2. Does the Product offer Mobile Compatibility?We rarely spend the majority of our time during the week at home. But we still need complete home protection, even when out of the house. This means you should try to find a product that is compatible with smartphones. Smartphone compatible systems will allow you to gain a quick insight into conditions within the home environment while you’re away at work or out with friends, ensuring a bird’s eye view for round-the-clock home security.
  3. Is the Product Scalable?A leading benefit of many of the latest home security systems is that they offer a scalable approach to protection. This means that they can be added to over time if you require further functionality from your system. For example, a couple might want to ramp up their home security if they have a child in the near future. By buying a scalable system, they can add room-by-room camera visibility and other features to their current system.
  4. Does the Product Offer Night-Time Protection?Nighttime security elements such as infrared cameras and motion detectors are key features of the latest systems. It’s important that the product you choose has integrated these types of round-the-clock security technology to keep your home secure when you’re asleep over the evening hours.

Our security experts are now available to help you select a home security system that can be seamlessly integrated into your home. To learn more, call our team today!

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