Selling a house is a process that involves having a lot of visitors coming through your home during an open house. This can increase your chance of selling, but it also puts you at risk for theft and other criminal activity. Here are three home safety tips for your open house that can protect you and your valuables.

Knowing how to identify unwanted visitors and keep your belongings safe will help you get the most out of your open houses without any unwanted surprises.

Monitor Visitors

The first step in monitoring your visitors is to have a sign-in log upon entry. You can ask for identification such as a driver’s license to confirm the identity of visitors and have something to reference in case any issue arises.

Don’t hesitate to ask for information such as their phone number or current home address. Be firm in your policy should anyone refuse. It’s completely understandable and commonplace to request this information when letting unknown visitors inside your home.

You can also make a note of their vehicles and license plate numbers for further identification. It’s a good idea to have someone with you who can help monitor cars that arrive at your property.

Be cautious when dealing with unknown real estate agents as well. A real agent should be able to access the lockbox to your property. If an agent arrives, ask them to open the lockbox to confirm that they have a license to be there.

Keep Your Valuables Out of Sight

Most homeowners have valuables throughout their entire home. If you’re having an open house, take time before the event to take all of your valuable possessions and put them out of sight. If you have a secure location where you can lock them, such as a safe, then keep all of the items there.

Some common items that you should put away are:

  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Artwork
  • Personal documents with sensitive information
  • Credit cards
  • Keys
  • Prescription medication

It’s very easy for a visitor to pick up an object and take it out of your home, especially if there is a large number of people at one time.

Have Support

You can also protect yourself by having others present with you during an open house. If family members aren’t available, ask one of your neighbours or a friend to be present during the event.

If someone arrives while you are alone, don’t be afraid to request a different time to show the property. Your safety comes first, and if a person is truly interested in buying your property they’ll have no problem rescheduling.

One common way that thieves take advantage of open houses is by making multiple visits. They become familiar with the property, its contents, and entry points on the first visit. Keep this in mind when you show a property more than once to the same individuals.

It’s easy to get distracted during an open house. Many visitors come and go and you’ll often be facing many questions at once. This is another reason why it’s important to have someone else present to keep an eye on other visitors.

Having the information of your visitors and keeping your valuables secure will make your next open house a safe one. Put the security of you and your property above all else to ensure that you protect yourself and your home.

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