Real estate requires you to meet new people every single day. This lets you develop a keen sense of others when meeting them to determine the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

But unfortunately, realtors are still at risk when it comes to safety. Selling a property requires that you travel away from your office and meet unfamiliar people.

Knowing how to protect yourself will give you the security you need when meeting prospective buyers at your next showing.

Here are some Safety Tips for Realtors

Know the Buyer

Although you never truly know someone until you meet them, you can gather some information about prospects before you meet them.

A good rule of thumb is to never meet someone new alone at a property. A better alternative is to schedule an office meeting, where you can be around others and gather more information.

You can have individuals complete an ID form and obtain their address and information related to their vehicle. This will give you a valuable reference should there be any issues in the future.

Have a colleague accompany you if you’re meeting someone at a new property. This will give you an added level of protection while showing the property. You should also verify any information provided to you prior to meeting in person.

Know the Property

In addition to knowing the prospect, you should also become familiar with the property you’ll be showing. If you plan to have an open house, take some time beforehand to preview the property.

The following are just a few key things to familiarize yourself with:

  • Any storage spaces
  • All exits available to you
  • Contact information for neighbours
  • Door and window locks

Keep all entry points unlocked during your showing. Although it might seem unsettling to consider escape routes, it’s one of the best ways to keep you safe as a realtor.

Any property showing should be done during the day. Try not to schedule anything after dark. This reduces your level of safety and can make it difficult for you to make a quick exit if necessary.

Protect Yourself

Keeping yourself safe is a personal responsibility. Take your own car to a property showing. Have the prospect meet you there instead of riding in the same car.

Also, try not to have a lot of valuables or cash in your possession. Jewelry and other valuable items should be kept to a minimum or out of sight. Homes that are still occupied should be free of expensive decorations that can lead thieves to make a return visit.

If you’re holding an open house with many visitors, have a colleague on hand to monitor activity throughout the house. They can also make sure that no one stealing unattended items and see when others are entering and leaving the property.

Finally, use your best judgment and don’t be afraid to trust your instinct. Any strange activity or behaviour should be noted. If you feel a need to end the meeting or exit quickly, don’t be afraid to do so.

Keeping you safe as a realtor is important when showing properties to new prospects. Taking the time to gather information on the buyer and the property will ensure that you avoid any unsafe situations and get the most out of your next sale.

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Allan Baum
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