Most Common Home Safety Mistakes

Nothing could be more important than protecting your home. But are you doing enough? Are you avoiding some of the most common home safety mistakes?

You might be surprised to find out that you’re overlooking some of the basics in protecting your property. In fact, you may be accidentally giving would-be thieves the green light to invading your home.

The following will help you recognize which home safety mistakes you can avoid for long-term security.

Locks, Alarms, and Home Security

Most homes these days have multiple points of entry. Your front door is the most obvious and you no doubt keep it locked. But your garage, backyard, and any side entrances could be vulnerable.

The most common mistake involves forgetting to lock any of these doors. Entryways that are less frequently used should be the most heavily protected. Before you leave your home, do a quick check of all entry points to make sure they are secure.

If you have an alarm system in your home, you need to perform regular maintenance to make sure that it is working properly. Make sure to call up your monitoring station and place your system on test before you start setting off the alarm. Depending on the system you have, it’s sometimes better to have a professional review of your system to address any issues that might exist.

While you’re at it, make sure that all fire alarms and smoke detectors are in working order. These are essential to keeping your home safe all year round.

Announcing Vacancy

Burglars are good at spotting an easy target. Any house that indicates vacancy will be more appealing to intruders. Many homeowners turn off all of their lights when they leave. This not only lets others know that you’re gone, but the darkness is a perfect cover for entry.

This is even more important when you leave for an extended vacation. Use timers for your lights to allow them to turn on at night. This will suggest that there’s activity inside the home and ward off any intruders.

It’s also a good idea to have a family member or close friend visit your house every few days to keep your house looking occupied. Landline phones should be shut off. Intruders who stake out properties will take a ringing phone as a sign that no one is home.

Protect Your Valuables

Your valuable items should be kept somewhere secure. Any family heirlooms, personal documents, or jewelry should be locked away. Be careful not to keep everything stored in one place.

This can be devastating if a burglar does manage to access it and take it all out in one shot. Heavy-duty safes that can be secured to the ground are less likely to be taken.

If you have mail or newspapers delivered to your home, have someone come by and pick it up. Not only does a full mailbox let others know that nobody’s home, it can also contain valuable personal information.

Finally, if you’re selling personal items on Craigslist or any similar website, be cautious about buyers coming to your home. Have someone present with you and meet buyers outside or at a public place to prevent them from becoming familiar with your property.

These are the most common home safety mistakes. Avoiding them will keep your family and home safe from theft. Keep your home looking occupied while you’re away and ensure that all valuables are stored securely.

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