Window Film, How Does it Help Protect your Home?

It’s impossible to predict when someone will break into your home. With the aid of window film, you can make a burglar’s plans to break in much more difficult. Window film adds a layer of protection between the inside and outside of your house. When someone attempts to break in through the window, window film affixed with Hi-Impact caulking will hold the broken glass in place.

Not only is window film capable of deterring criminals from entering your home, but it is also capable of stopping tree limbs and other flying debris from crashing through your windows during storms. Window film also makes your home much safer for children. If your child should accidentally run into the window causing it to break, window film will save them from falling out.

Why Should Home Owners Consider Window Film?

There are numerous reasons to consider window film for your home. Not only is it capable of preventing burglaries, protecting reckless children and stopping flying objects, but it will also protect your property from U.V. rays. Carpeting and furniture will fade over the years from exposure to U.V. rays, but window film helps to filter them.

If you are looking to save some extra cash, window film can help with that as well. During the summer months, window film will prevent the cool air from seeping out, while during the winter window film will keep the heat inside of your home.

How Window Film Works

Window film adheres to the inside of glass surfaces and can be used on homes, automobiles and business buildings. Essentially, window film acts as a sunscreen. Not only will it detect when radiation touches it, but it will also regulate the heat passing through the window.

How to Clean your Window

Once window film has been applied, you may notice tiny pockets of water. It might also seem somewhat hazy after installation. This is all a part of the curing process which can take up to one month to complete. It will take longer for the water to evaporate through the film if you installed a heavy security film.

After the curing process, the best way to clean your window is to use water with a little bit of soap. When you wipe down your window, make sure to use overlapping strokes as you would if you were cleaning your car windows. You can also use glass cleaning solutions, but avoid using industrial glass cleaners.

How long does it take to Install? What is the cost?

In most cases, dependent on the area covered, it only takes a few hours to install window film. The cost to supply window film, affix and secure with Hi-Impact caulking can range from$ 8.99- $16.99 per square feet. Window film comes in various thickness which will translate to various price point.

Window film has quickly become known as a one-solution-cures-all for a variety of factors! Whether you have a family to protect or are looking to add security while living alone, window film can help increase your defense against burglars.

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