If you have decided to get an alarm system for your home, then you have already made a very big and very important step towards better security and peace of mind. When it comes to safety, nothing compares to a monitored alarm system for providing round-the-clock protection.

But you still have one more big decision in front of you: which alarm company do you choose? Most cities and towns will have multiple home alarm companies available, so it is up to you to choose the best one for your security needs.

Here are a few important services and features to keep in mind when you are choosing your security provider:

    • Monitoring – Make sure that they are not just installing a standalone alarm system. 24/7 monitoring is the key to an effective home security system. A monitoring service means that the appropriate emergency personnel will be contacted, even if nobody is home when the alarm is triggered.
    • Backup communication – Most alarm monitoring uses a landline phone connection to alert the central station of an alarm. However, phone lines can be cut or go out of service when the weather is poor.

Make sure that the company you choose also offers monitoring over cellular GSM networks or the internet. With these features, you can avoid the risk of a missed alarm due to a disconnected phone line.

  • Fire, carbon monoxide, and other detection – An alarm system doesn’t have to only detect break-ins. Fire, carbon monoxide, low temperature, and flood detection are all extremely useful to incorporate into your alarm system. These features could be lifesaving when you or your pets are home. And when you are not home, they can prevent serious and costly property damage by notifying the emergency monitoring centre before the damage gets out of control.
  • Quality hardware – Make sure that the hardware for the alarm system is from a trusted and reputable manufacturer. For example, Honeywell produces state-of-the-art alarm systems.
  • Proven history – Choose a company with extensive experience a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Ask your friends and check online reviews to find a company is recommended by its customers. Better Business Bureau accreditation and Canadian Security Association (CANASA) membership are other important safeguards to make sure that the company is responsible and reputable and meets high industry standards.
  • Customizable options – Your alarm company should be able to provide exactly the technology and services your particular situation requires. A few examples of options you might find valuable are remote access over your smartphone, video surveillance, and locksmith service.

PROTECTION PLUS ® is the elite choice for any home security and monitoring needs. Contact us today and find out how we can help your home!

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