When evaluating security options for your business, most security professionals will tell you that CCTV is a must. But it’s important to understand why.

CCTV – short for “closed-circuit television” – has come a long way over the last several decades. Today’s commercial video surveillance systems offer a wide array of features to give you a clearer insight into what’s happening at your business, day or night. It provides a critical layer of security for your property, people and assets, while serving as a powerful crime deterrent.

Here are 5 reasons to consider CCTV for your business.

1) 24/7 video surveillance

On the most fundamental level, the most significant benefit of a CCTV system is that it allows you to see what’s happening at your business. Whether during business hours or after, your security cameras can be positioned to watch retail counters, entrances, stockrooms, receiving areas and virtually any other sites, indoors or out.

This surveillance provides peace of mind that you always have a watchful eye over your business, even if you’re not there. In turn, this can deliver several other security benefits, as we illustrate below.

2) Evidence of crimes

When theft, vandalism or other crimes happen at your premises, your CCTV system ensures that these events are captured on video. The video recording can be used as evidence for prosecution, and insurance claims. If goods are stolen, the video also increases the chances of catching the criminal and returning the items to your business.


3) Internal theft

No business is immune from employee theft. So when it happens, you want to be sure that these crimes are caught on camera. If items have gone missing, for example, you’ll be able to check recorded footage to see what happened. That footage will also give you the legal justification for employee termination or other disciplinary actions.


4) Crime deterrent / loss prevention

The presence of CCTV cameras alone helps to deter criminals. Thieves, vandals and your workers will think twice about committing a crime when they know their actions are being recorded. This prevents crimes from being committed in the first place, thus serving as an essential tool in your loss prevention efforts.


5) Legal requirements for CCTV

By law, some types of businesses are required to have CCTV systems due to the nature of the goods being sold or the high risk of crime. One example is cannabis stores, which are needed to maintain tight security protocols. Under the Cannabis Licence Act of 2018 (CLA), “A secure, high-resolution surveillance system must be in place at all times” at these stores. Additionally, the law states that cameras must be positioned at the store’s interior and exterior, and the 24-hour video recordings must be retained for a minimum of 30 days.

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