Strengthening the security of your business is essential for preventing loss and creating a safe environment for employees, customers and guests. But for many businesses, it’s not always clear which threats pose the most danger.

Theft is commonly cited as a top concern regarding business security. But there are different types of theft, requiring businesses to implement a multilayered approach to their security. Without a full risk assessment, businesses are blinded to the various incidents that can derail their operations.

In this post, we look at 4 of the most common business security threats and how to combat them.

1) Internal theft

In retail environments, a common assumption is that outsiders commit most thefts. But data shows internal theft is just as much of a concern.

Figures from the Retail Council of Canada show that employees who steal from their employers will take about $2,500 in cash or goods before they’re caught, whereas the average theft by a customer is about $175. In total, employee theft costs Canadian businesses $1.4 billion a year. No business owner or manager wants to think their employees are capable of this theft. But it happens all the time.

Businesses can help to prevent employee theft by deploying better business security systems, including surveillance cameras. The presence of cameras alone can act as a deterrence while providing clear video footage of what happened if you discover something has been stolen.

2) Customer theft /shoplifting

Data from the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (based in the U.S.) finds that 1 in every 11 customers will attempt shoplifting. In Canada, this amounts to more than a billion dollars of goods stolen from businesses every year.

This theft has been rising in recent years, increasing by 25 to 40% in the second half of 2021. On average, Canadian grocery stores lose $3,000 to $4,000 in stolen goods weekly. This is another area where security cameras can help to curb theft significantly. Positioning checkout areas and employees near the exits can also help to reduce risk. Another effective strategy is eliminating blind spots where customers can conceal goods or swap tags without being seen.

3) Afterhours break-ins and vandalism

Just because your business is closed and locked up for the night doesn’t mean you can be lax about your business security. This is a prime time for thieves to target retail establishments.

There are several vital steps to prevent these crimes. Outdoor security cameras, again, are an essential deterrent. So too is a commercial security alarm system that will be activated if anyone attempts to gain entry through a door or window. Commercial-grade locks, security bars and window film can make your business much harder to penetrate or vandalize.

4) Smoke & fire

Smoke and fire are arguably more of a threat to your security than other threats on this list. All it takes is one incident to potentially wipe out your entire business (and cause serious harm to anyone on the premises).

This is why it’s important to integrate dependable smoke and fire detectors with your business security system. This will ensure that authorities can be swiftly and automatically dispatched if a fire is detected, saving your business and lives.

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