Most burglars do not choose their targets at random. They look for homes with specific traits that signify a lower risk of getting caught and/or a greater chance of scoring a bigger bounty.

In a previous post, we identified several weak points that burglars look for, allowing them to gain easy entry into a home and get away undetected. But there are several other conditions that many homeowners don’t realize cause their homes to become targets.

Below, we uncover 5 of these home security failures and why they could be making your home a target.

Your home looks vacant

Even the most inexperienced burglar knows that vacant homes are a prime target, because there’s far less risk of being caught. So, if your home looks dark, whether you’re away, at work or in bed, then your home could be their next target.

Solution: Use light timers or other motion sensors to make it appear that someone is home, especially if you’ll be away for several days.

The lawn is overgrown

Beyond just an eyesore, an overgrown lawn is another glaring sign that your home has been vacant for a while. In the summer, burglars will focus their attention on yards where the grass hasn’t been cut, knowing that the owners are probably on vacation.

Solution: Make sure the lawn is mowed regularly, especially if you’ll be away for long periods of time. If you won’t be home to do it yourself, schedule a lawn service to do it for you.

High bushes and shrubs

The problem with overgrown bushes is that they help to conceal burglars who trespass on your property, especially if you’re not at home. Burglars can easily hide behind these shrubs so that they won’t be seen by neighboring houses. Similarly, if the bushes are in front of your windows, you likely won’t see the burglar approaching your home.

Solution: Keep bushes cut low, ideally not taller than waist-length.

Items are left in the yard

Toys, yard tools, sports equipment – all the miscellaneous items that clutter your yard can also make your home a target for theft and burglary. There are a few reasons for this. First, the items themselves are easy to steal – and while you may not care if a single rake disappears, you’ll be kicking yourself if your expensive leaf blower is stolen from your back patio. Second, these scattered items send a signal to burglars that you have lax security in general. This may give the burglar more confidence to try opening your doors and windows.

Solution: Don’t leave items outside for long periods of time, especially overnight.

Open curtains/blinds at night

How do burglars know if there’s anything worth stealing inside your home? Simple: if the blinds are open, they simply look inside! By keeping your curtains open at night, you’re practically inviting thieves to look inside your home and make a decision whether to attempt entry. Even worse, if you have valuables in clear sight (such as electronics, jewelry, car keys or medications), then you’re increasing your risk even further.

Solution: Keep blinds closed at night, and never put valuables where they can be seen from the windows.

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