Burglars don’t choose their targets by accident. They look for specific weak points that allow them to enter the property with the least risk possible. Eliminating these weak points can significantly reduce the chances of your home being burglarized. And on the flipside, a failure to fix them could make your home a target.

Here are some of the top weak points that burglars are looking for.

1) Poorly lit entryways

This is one of the main things burglars are looking for when they choose their targets: poorly lit doorways – particularly on homes that look completely dark. Back doors, side doors and basement doors are the most common culprits. Even if a front light is turned on, an unlit basement door allows burglars to approach the house undetected and to break in with minimal noise.

Solution: Keep a light turned on by every entrance to your home, even if you personally don’t use that entrance often.

2) Unlocked doors/windows

Burglars don’t want to break any windows or bust open doors unless they have to. They would prefer to simply turn the handle and let themselves in. And a surprising number of homes are left unlocked. Burglars will often skip from house to house until they find a door that opens. The same goes for windows, especially in the summer months. Leaving a window open at night might allow a nice breeze, but it’s also a giant magnet for intruders.

Solution: Shut and lock every door and window, especially at night or while you’re away.

3) Weak door locks and doorframes

Just because you’ve locked the doors doesn’t mean burglars won’t be able to enter. Poor-quality locks and a lack of deadbolts allow burglars to break in with little force. So whether you’re away for the weekend or at work during the day, intruders can still get inside without much effort or noise.

Solution: Add high-quality deadbolts to every door, and consider door & window reinforcements to make it even harder for burglars to break inside.

4) Lack of an alarm system

Most households do not have a security system. Burglars are looking for the ones that don’t. In some cases, protected homes that display a security yard sign or window decal are enough to scare a burglar off. But the ultimate test occurs when burglars attempt to break in. If there is a security system in place, the alarm will sound, making the burglar flee. But if there is no alarm system at all, the burglar does not hesitate to enter.

Solution: Protect your home with a professionally installed and monitored home security system.

5) Open garage doors

An open garage door is an open invitation for burglars. Whether the homeowner has simply forgotten to close it, or has left it open a small crack, burglars will gladly exploit this weak point. In a best-case scenario, they’ll grab a few items from the garage and run. But in a scarier scenario, they’ll try to gain access to the home for greater valuables, whether you’re inside, asleep or away.

Solution: Always keep garage doors closed and secured.

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