Security Bars vs. Window Film: Which is Best for Your Business?

When it comes to protecting your business from intrusion, theft, and vandalism, there are several options that can provide the security you need. Aside from a business security system, window film and security bars are two excellent deterrents.

In this post, we explore how each of these security options works and which application may be most useful for your business.

What is Window Film?

Window security film ads layer of protection to any glass window or door. It is constructed with a unique polyester blend of materials that can be applied with a different strength. You can use it on a number of applications including offices, warehouses, and even transportation like trains and buses.

How it works: When an intruder tries to break the glass, it may crack but not shatter. The thicker the film, the stronger it holds. This prevents “smash and grab” theft and can give the authorities more time to respond to an intrusion alert. We recommend combining it with a glass break alarm for maximum security.

Window film has several other benefits:

  • Add a tint to your film for a degree of privacy and to prevent graffiti.
  • It also increases energy conservation by keeping the elements out and the indoor air more stable.
  • It can reduce UV damage to interior floors, carpets, furniture, and décor, and will control glare.
  • Since it prevents shattering, it can make your property safer during an explosion or natural disaster.
  • Finally, by reflecting light, window film eliminates visual confusion and makes the appearance of the building more attractive.

What are Security Bars?

Security bars and gates a more indestructible layer of protection to doors and window and can deter vandalism and theft. They come in multiple styles including fixed, removable, folding, swing-away, and adjustable. They prevent vandalism and theft as visual deterrents as well as practical ones, since they make breaking and entering much more difficult.

Which is Best for Your Business?

When deciding to increase your business’ security with window film or security bars, consider these factors:

  • Accessibility: If you want to protect street-level doors and windows, security bars are sturdier and will be more effective at deterring and preventing break-ins. If you want to a level of protection for second-level or even interior glass, film is preferable. The size of the glass can also factor into whether it’s worth having one or the other.
  • Aesthetics: While they increase security, bars can take away from certain aesthetics. You may want to consider the trade-offs. If you feel you need bars, use a retractable gate when the business is closed. Window film, on the other hand, improves aesthetics internally and externally.
  • Privacy and energy conservation: To go beyond added security,don’t forget that window film has other benefits that can help your property be more energy efficient and prevent damage.

Some businesses find that they want the combined protection of security bars and window film. For example, perhaps your street-facing windows and doors will benefit from bars, while less accessible windows that get a lot of sun during the day use film. You can also have both on the same glass for maximum protection.

Professional Installation & Expertise

To get maximum protection for your business, contact our security experts at PROTECTION PLUS. We’ll be happy to discuss the options in our extensive line of security window bars, door security, window safety bars, and other security solutions.

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