Senior Safety

Do you have a senior relative that you check in on?  Do you have elderly neighbours or know someone whose approaching retirement?  Then you must have heard about the atrocities that have happened against these individuals over the last few months in the city.  Seniors attacked in their own home; robbed while walking down the street, robbed while working in their garden.  Nowadays, our communities have become a dangerous place for seniors where they become easy targets for burglars and robbers.  However, that doesn’t mean a senior has to lose their freedom and independence to gain security and protection.  There are things that can be done to ensure that an elderly keeps their freedom and independence while also ensuring their safety and protection.  So, what can you do about Senior Safety?

  • Install a security system, if you don’t already have one.  A security system, with security cameras and a monitoring system is the best way to prevent burglars from entering your home.  If you do have one, make sure that it’s activated.  If it’s an old system, think about upgrading it to provide the most secure protection.
  • Don’t walk alone.  Go with a friend or family member.
  • Observe your surroundings.  Most of the time, our attackers have been watching us for quite some time and have been observing our behaviour, that way they know when to strike.  Report suspicious activity around you house and change up your routine every now and then to prevent being attacked.

If you do have an elderly relative that is in a retirement home, make sure you check in on them.  Over the last few years, there have been many reports claiming abuse of elderly patients in these homes. Some things that you can do to protect your loved ones:

  • Do your research on the home.  If there has been any complaints or reports, this could be a red light that something is not right
  • Check out the daily living conditions and make sure that everything your loved one will need to be comfortable is present and accessible.
  • Check in on your relatives often and keep in touch.  They are your best eyes and ears to the place.  If something is not right, they will be the first ones to let you know.
  • A retirement home is not the only choice.  Many seniors lived on their own and have been taken care of by their relatives.

It’s sad when a senior becomes an easy target for abuse or robbery due to the perception of their age.  If witness injustice against a senior in your community, report it to authorities immediately.  Also, try lending a hand to them, helping them feel more safe in their home and community.  Together, we can all make our communities safer for everyone.

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