The candy is out, decorations are up, and the kids are all dressed. That can only mean one thing; tonight is Halloween. Children and adults throughout the city will be out trick or treating dressed in their scary best.   It’s a fun-filled event for the entire family to enjoy, whether it includes going trick or treating or attending a costume party.  To make sure the kids have some great fun tonight, here are some quick Halloween Safety tips. For trick or treaters:

              Trick Or Treat Trick Or Treat

  • While trick or treating, look both ways before crossing the street.  Avoid crossing in between parked cars as drivers may be in those vehicles.
  • Wear costumes with bright colours or are reflective of light.  This allows for Halloween Safety and you to be seen by other pedestrians and drivers in the dark, preventing accidents from occurring.  Also, make sure your costume fits well and does not drag on the ground, preventing it from getting caught in hazards.
  • Have an adult inspect all candy before consuming any.  Those without wrappers or look suspicious should be thrown in the trash immediately.
  • Whether you’re going in a group, with an adult or by yourself, plan a trick-or-treat route on a well-lit street and share it with your family.  This allows your family to know where you’ll be going and where they can find you in an emergency.
  • Only accept treats at the door.  Never go inside the home.
  • Take a flashlight with you to help light the way for when it gets darker

For homeowners

  • Make sure your front porch is well lit, allowing trick-or-treaters to see where they’re going.  Remove any unnecessary objects from the front of the house so that children can visibly see your house from the street.
  • Be aware of food allergies.  Avoid handing out candy with peanuts or other food-related allergies.  By doing so, you help to make Halloween fun and safe for all kids.
  • Be careful of some children when opening the front door.  They can sometimes hide behind the doors and get hurt.
  • Putting out a pumpkin?  Make sure you keep it a good distance from the wall of the house to prevent it from starting a fire.
  • If people continue to ring your doorbell after you’ve turned off your porch light, do not answer the door.  Protect yourself from those trying to take advantage of a holiday event.

Remember, Halloween should be a fun night to spend with kids.  Inform your children know the rules and safety tips but also remind them to have fun this Halloween night.  If you’re a parent who’s supervising a group of trick-or-treaters tonight, use the buddy system and make sure to set up a meeting spot just in case anyone gets lost.  Be sure to keep an eye out for strangers and know what time to call it a night.  Have a Happy Halloween!!!

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