Childproofing—or babyproof­ing, as it is some­times known—is a way to cre­ate a safe home envi­ron­ment for your young­sters. As soon as they start walk­ing, chil­dren will do their best to get up to no good. It’s not their fault that they’re curi­ous, but as a par­ent, you have to keep them safe and part of this includes mak­ing sure they don’t open doors they’re not sup­posed to. This is eas­i­ly done with knob guards.
What are knob guards?

Knob guards fit over your exist­ing door knobs and make turn­ing the knob next to impos­si­ble for chil­dren. Adults can get around knob guards by press­ing down which allows the knob to turn and the door to open. Chil­dren are unable to press down on the knob because their hands are too small and they haven’t devel­oped the nec­es­sary body strength yet. Knob guards make any room of your house off-lim­its to a tod­dler. They cre­ate an obsta­cle for any child by mak­ing it impos­si­ble for them to open the door.

Are there dif­fer­ent types of knob guards?

There are knob guards designed for all kinds of doors, so it’s a mat­ter of find­ing a brand that you like. If you have levers as door han­dles, you will need guards that fit over the entire door han­dle. If you have doors with tra­di­tion­al knobs, you will need to get guards that fit over the knobs. Knob and lever guards are eas­i­ly removed, so once your child gets a lit­tle old­er and is allowed to open doors on their own, you can take them off with­out any prob­lems. How­ev­er, you should still keep pinch guards on your doors for a while longer.

What are pinch guards?

Pinch guards pro­tect your child’s fin­gers from get­ting smashed in the door. These guards leave a small gap in the door so it can­not close com­plete­ly. They are made of a small piece of foam or plas­tic, usu­al­ly U‑shaped, and clip around the hinged or lock side of the door. Pinch guards pre­vent slams and your child’s fin­gers from get­ting caught. They are great for a child’s bed­room and oth­er rooms that your kids spend a lot of time in, such as a play­room. Pinch guards are not to be used on exter­nal doors, only inside of the house.

Child­proof­ing is a nec­es­sary part of par­ent­hood and with knob guards and pinch guards, you can keep your lit­tle ones safe.

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