Childproofing—or babyproofing, as it is sometimes known—is a way to create a safe home environment for your youngsters. As soon as they start walking, children will do their best to get up to no good. It’s not their fault that they’re curious, but as a parent, you have to keep them safe and part of this includes making sure they don’t open doors they’re not supposed to. This is easily done with knob guards.
What are knob guards?

Knob guards fit over your existing door knobs and make turning the knob next to impossible for children. Adults can get around knob guards by pressing down which allows the knob to turn and the door to open. Children are unable to press down on the knob because their hands are too small and they haven’t developed the necessary body strength yet. Knob guards make any room of your house off-limits to a toddler. They create an obstacle for any child by making it impossible for them to open the door.

Are there different types of knob guards?

There are knob guards designed for all kinds of doors, so it’s a matter of finding a brand that you like. If you have levers as door handles, you will need guards that fit over the entire door handle. If you have doors with traditional knobs, you will need to get guards that fit over the knobs. Knob and lever guards are easily removed, so once your child gets a little older and is allowed to open doors on their own, you can take them off without any problems. However, you should still keep pinch guards on your doors for a while longer.

What are pinch guards?

Pinch guards protect your child’s fingers from getting smashed in the door. These guards leave a small gap in the door so it cannot close completely. They are made of a small piece of foam or plastic, usually U-shaped, and clip around the hinged or lock side of the door. Pinch guards prevent slams and your child’s fingers from getting caught. They are great for a child’s bedroom and other rooms that your kids spend a lot of time in, such as a playroom. Pinch guards are not to be used on external doors, only inside of the house.

Childproofing is a necessary part of parenthood and with knob guards and pinch guards, you can keep your little ones safe.

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