As our home security systems get smarter, so do criminals. Although we wish burglars would be easily deterred by our gates and locked doors, this isn’t always the case anymore. Career criminals do their homework and will resort to any tactic to steal your valuables even if you have a state-of-the-art security system. The latest trend in burglary is a “smash and grab” job that does trigger the security alarm, but criminals don’t seem to care.

Prevent Window Smash with Window Films

What is a smash-and-grab?

Instead of waiting until you are out of town to break into your home, criminals will throw a heavy object through your windows shattering the glass. They’ll then enter your home through the broken window and grab what they can before getting out quickly. Smash-and-grab incidents last mere minutes and usually occur at night. Criminals who smash your windows and grab your things are interested in items that are generally found in living rooms like laptops, TVs and gaming systems. There is hope, though. Burglaries like this can be prevented with security window film.

What is Security Window Film?

You may have heard of window films by a variety of other names such as safety windows, security windows, blast-resistant film, safety and security film or shatter-resistant film. This film is made of a clear multi-layer polyester that fuses to the inside of the window, allowing for a strong reinforcement of the glass.

How doEs Security Window Film work to prevent theft?

Because the polyester material used to create window films is shatter-resistant, it has a high degree of elasticity. The elastic properties make it difficult for the glass to break upon impact. Basically, a robber can throw a heavy object against the window, but the reinforced film makes it almost impossible to com apart. Instead of seconds for an opening to appear, it takes several minutes if at all for thieves to penetrate the window.

Are window films noticeable?

You can get clear or tinted window films. Both come have the added bonus of reducing UV rays, which helps protect your furniture from sun damage. Window films also lower your energy costs since they offer an added layer to keep cool air out in the winter and warm air out in the summer. Unless you get the tinted option, window films are not noticeable.

With window films installed, you greatly reduce the chance of a smash-and-grab job. Criminals can try to break the glass, but they will not be able to—so you can rest assured that your valuables remain yours.

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