As your family grows, so does the need to make your home secure. As a parent, you are tasked with protecting your home and your family. You want your children to have a great start in life, with the freedom to explore the world within the confines of your home. Since you cannot always keep your eyes on them, it is important to implement security strategies that will keep your kids safe in your absence, and alert you when there is looming danger.

Implementing these strategies will give peace of mind to new parents:

1. Use a baby monitor: an audio/video baby monitor allows you to keep your eyes and ears in your baby’s room while you carry out other tasks in other rooms inside your house, or even outside – depending on the range.

2. Install a home security alarm system offering motion detection and video surveillance: depending on the package you install, you can benefit from multiple features, including fire and smoke detection, motion detection, and video surveillance. Such a system will let you know when there is a fire, or when there is an intruder in your home or any other threat that may harm your family.

3. Cover electric sockets with guards: as your baby grows and begins to roam your home, it will be hard to contain his/her curiosity. Electrical sockets are particularly dangerous because they are positioned very close to the ground. Cover all sockets with guards to prevent your baby from spitting, throwing water, or inserting objects that may get them electrocuted.

4. Install safety gates: safety gates can be used to restrict movement to certain areas of the home, like the kitchen, stairs, toilet, or other dangerous places where they may get injured.

5. Childproof all cabinets: some cabinets, especially the ones below counter level, often contain dangerous chemicals and detergents that may cause injury. To prevent injuries, consider childproofing all doors and cabinets in your home so the baby can’t open them when left unmonitored.

6. Install window and door locks and guards: your newborn will soon be able to grasp small things, and will know how to open a door or window, which could get them injured if they place a hand or foot in the wrong place, or manage to climb out a window and fall. A baby may also lean on an open door for support and fall in the process. To avoid such, consider placing extra locks and guards on all doors and windows.

Lastly, consider clearing any clutter, including toys, books, and clothes that may be lying around. Also, hide any wires on electronics and go wireless whenever possible.

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Allan Baum
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