Sometimes just by leaving the house for a few minutes, you are giving burglars the chance to rob you. You may think there’s no need to put on your alarm system because you’re simply running to the store, but in the mind of a burglar, you’re simply creating an easy target.

Burglars are career thieves and have come up with every security-busting trick in the book to get access to your home. Don’t let them steal your valuables just because they can.

Avoid the following security mistakes that actually attract burglars instead of repelling them:


  • Mail call:
    If you’re going on vacation, put your mail on hold. This goes for everything from deliveries to newspapers – basically anything that can sit on your doorstep if you’re not home. If you’re close with your neighbours, you can ask them or a loved one to collect your mail while you’re away. Burglars see a pile of mail on a doorstep and take it as an open invitation to steal.



  • Keep your valuables out of view:
    Some people think that if they keep their blinds closed for too long, burglars will know they’re not at home. In actuality, you should keep your blinds closed when you’re out. If not, thieves will be able to see into your window and can make note of what they want to steal, where it’s located, and are even able to map out the easiest route to get it out of your home.



  • Leaving the garage unsecured:
    While most people remember to lock their doors and put an alarm system in place, they often forget about the garage. Make sure your garage is connected to your home’s central alarm system or better yet, get it its own system.



  • The backdoor is still a door:
    People often forget that their backdoor is still an entranceway to their home and leave it unlocked. Even if your property is fenced off, that won’t stop a burglar from jumping the fence and sneaking in through a patio door.



  • Keys are for your keychain only:
    Do not leave a spare key anywhere on the outside of your property. Burglars are looking under mats and every other common hiding place and won’t stop until they find your key. Don’t give them VIP access to your home and keep keys on your keychain where they belong.



  • Light up the night and day:
    If you’re going on vacation, have lights programmed to go on and off at certain times of the night and day. Trick thieves into thinking you’re home with lights going on in different rooms at different times.


Taking proper security measures is the only way to ensure your home remains safe and secure, whether you’re home or away. For expert advice and the best devices in home security, contact PROTECTION PLUS ® today!

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Allan Baum
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