One of the greatest benefits of a monitored home security system is knowing that help will be on the way when your alarm is triggered, even if you’re away from home, asleep or unable to call 9-1-1. When an alarm is triggered, professionally trained operators will dispatch police. But these days, police response can be slow in some jurisdictions, especially if the alarm is not “verified” by other sources, such as video. This is where an extra layer of response can make a critical difference in the safety and security of your home.

With Premium Guard Response from PROTECTION PLUS, professional licensed security guards will also be dispatched to your home when your alarm is triggered, ensuring that your property is checked quickly (even if police have been dispatched too).

Here’s what you need to know about Premium Guard Response and why it’s recommended for every home security system.

What is Premium Guard Response?

Premium Guard Response is a real-time alarm response service from PROTECTION PLUS that is designed to augment traditional alarm monitoring protocols. When an alarm is triggered, our monitoring station operators send a nearby professionally licensed security guard, who will check on the home, inspect the premises and complete a report.

Premium Guard Response supplements police dispatch; it does not replace it. PROTECTION PLUS still dispatches police when alarm response is prioritized (on video verified and panic alarm signals and in particular jurisdictions with alarm permit requirements). But since police response can be unpredictable (as we explain below), Premium Guard Response ensures that a security professional will be on the way no matter what the speed of the police.

Why is it so important?

When your home security alarm is triggered, you can’t guarantee that the police will respond quickly. In many jurisdictions, police have been deprioritizing response to non-verified alarms, placing you, your family and your home at risk.

“Non-verified” refers to alarms that have not been verified by video or other sources. Police say that deprioritizing non-verified helps to reduce wasted manpower on false alarms. But what if it’s not a false alarm? Just because there’s no video doesn’t mean it’s not a serious emergency.

That’s where Premium Guard Response provides a crucial extra layer of alarm response.

How does it work?

When your home security alarm is triggered, our monitoring station uses “one-click” dispatch to access our network of professional licensed security guards.

The closest on-demand guard accepts the dispatch and immediately navigates to your home. The guard promptly inspects the property and submits their findings into an online report. This includes digital and photographic reports, so you (and the police) can see what happened.

On-board mapping and tracking ensure that our Premium Guard Service produces verifiable alarm responses dramatically faster than the industry standard. Unlike other guard services, we leverage leading-edge technology with greater manpower, coverage and a meaningful reporting protocol for transparent and accountable alarm response.

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Know that a security professional will be on the way when your alarm is triggered, regardless of how quickly police respond. For more information on Premium Guard Response, contact us today at PROTECTION PLUS.

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