Small Business Security Solutions

Managing a small business is all about multi-tasking. We know it’s a constant balancing act of what is the current priority. We also know that at times security takes a back seat to seemingly more pressing problems of the day. So we’re here to help with a few suggestions to ensure all your hard work is protected. Security Solutions are not just about detection but also about PROTECTION. It’s important to be proactive and for your customers and your employees to know you have taken solid security measures. And be assured that not all security features are expensive to implement, or they can be done in phases as the budget allows.
1. If you run a storefront office or retail operation, introduce a “Clear Zone” policy. To achieve this you need to create clear sight lines from the street to your front desk or counter. You are much safer if Police and passersby can easily see your point of sale. So take some time to remove a few posters from a window, and don’t use blinds on all your windows. This can be enhanced with the use of cameras and monitors.
2. If you have employees that open and close your business and have key privileges, think about introducing a high-security key system, with key control. It’s important to know how many keys you have in circulation and who has them! This simple switch to a key control system means that keys cannot be cut at the local corner store. Only when authorized by you by at a licensed locksmith company.
3. When your business is in an industrial area that becomes “abandoned” at 5:10 pm every day you can be vulnerable to a “smash and grab”. A business can be cleaned out of office equipment and inventory in minutes with no witnesses around. Those windows that make your office liveable when you are there make it vulnerable when you are not. To reduce this vulnerability consider security window film or window bars to secure your glass.
4. We here many front-line workers in offices and retail operations that fear confrontation from robbers or angry clients. So how do we protect without creating a prison feel and look? Some simple design changes or considerations can make a world of difference. While “open concept” is very popular in many spaces, at your front entrance you may want to think again. By creating a front foyer with a counter, wall and door (lockable) that leads to your business gives you some physical protection. A barrier like this prevents an intruder from rushing into your business, while still being welcoming if done tastefully.
5. Many small businesses can at times have few employees on site at any given time. Or you may be handing valuable inventory over the counter. How do you make your staff feel safe? If you already have a monitored burglar alarm system, it’s not a difficult upgrade to install an under counter or under desk panic button. This allows you or your employee to activate an alarm (it can be silent) by inserting your finger into a panic switch. This notifies the monitoring station that you are in immediate danger and they can instruct the authorities accordingly.
Of course, there is always more that you can do, but these 5 tips will go a long way to making your business a safer and more secure place.

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