Security in the Age of Social Media

In the age of social media, it seems everybody loves a hero, better yet a video of a hero! The image of a woman jumping on the hood of her car to save it from the hands of a thief may seem like a victory for the good guys. Who doesn’t like a win for the underdog?

Indeed, her courage may be commendable! In fact, you may even remember taking drastic action to save a hard earned possession. But the reality is that confronting a criminal is very dangerous and not something we would recommend. We know you work hard to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and at the same time you try to protect your home, business and loved ones from Burglars, Fire, CO, Smoke, Severe Weather damage and many other unexpected events.
The good news is that help is available. You do not need to search the depths of the internet for various companies to provide single solutions. There is a company that treats security with a multi-pronged approach. At PROTECTION PLUS ® security is about Detection AND Protection. Ask us about detection services such as alarm systems and video surveillance, and also about protection through physical upgrades to doors, locks, windows, glass, and more. PROTECTION PLUS ®® gives you the advantage of one-stop shopping. PROTECTION PLUS ® Security Solutions -Residential & Commercial

You can get commercial and residential security solutions such as monitoring, access control system, locks, window bars, and medical alert systems at very affordable cost, tailored according to your unique needs. Enjoy peace of mind and be Protected 24/7!

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